5 Golden Rules To Surviving Your Office Christmas Party

5 Golden Rules To Surviving Your Office Christmas Party

It's the office christmas party. They've hired out the entire upstairs of a fancy bar in town, you've been roped into organising it and you can still physically taste the vodka tinged regret from last year when you think about the whole hazy affair...

Here's 5 Golden Rules for making it a much more classy and dignified occassion this time round.

1) DON'T DRINK TOO MUCH: Now we're not advocating you being totally subdued. It is after-all, still possible to find that perfect balance in which you straddle the drunken line, never fully tipping into that sloshy and spinning no-man's-land you swore you'd never return to. Remember, it's not a competition and this isn't to be looked at as the one single night of the year you're allowed out of your cage. So stagger those drinks at a nice pace, look sophisticated turning away ANOTHER drink from Steve, “No darling, i've still to finish this one you bought me a mere 3 minutes ago”

2) NO DRUNKEN FLINGS: Hopefully, if you abide by rule 1 you can mitigate the effects of this catastrophe occurring, but just to make this abundantly clear: whatever happens, no matter how many drinks you consume, DO NOT KISS DAVE FROM FINANCE! Yes, he may be rather dishy. And yes, he may be very good with figures, But NO, it is not worth it. You don't love Dave and besides, in any sober mind-frame he has the charisma of a photocopier. 

3) PRE-BOOK A TAXI: This is a very simple way to wow your co-workers with your organisational skills. It could even get you that promotion, seeing as your line manager lives just around the corner and you know he won't have thought of this. Also if there's one thing you haven't forgotten from last year it's how your legs went blue and lost all feeling whilst waiting for your Uber driver, who seemed to be taunting you by just driving round in circles on the map. 

4) VEGAN OPTIONS: How very modern of us! Whether or not it's a popular fad or sticking around for good, Veganism is definitely on the rise. You've seen it first hand, that revolutionary tension in the office. Jenny who was eating chicken sandwiches a matter of days ago is now a fully fledged animal rights acitivist and BOY, we have all been made aware: she needs to be catered for. Potentially best to avoid Jenny at the party itself for the sake of your merriment/ears, but why not embrace the Christmas spirit of inclusion and give her some lovely vegan options.

5) SMELL DIVINE: Come on, we're a perfume website. What else were we going to prioritise other than your smell?! But in all seriousness, we've tried extra hard this year to bring you the most competitive prices for the best fragrances on the internet. Business aside: don't underestimate how good you feel when you leave the house smelling great. It's one of the first things people comment on and you know how empowering those compliments are. Head on over to the Perfume Direct website and keep those comments coming!