An Insight Into Calvin Klein Fragrances

An Insight Into Calvin Klein Fragrances

Calvin Klein is often hailed as the ultimate American brand, with collections that have spanned decades and generations. The brand’s iconic campaigns have attracted celebs such as the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Margot Robbie, Kendrick Lamar and Brooklyn Beckham. It’s safe to say that Calvin Klein is a legendary brand offering both fashion and accessories, including a hugely successful line of Calvin Klein fragrances.

While we know the man behind the brand has been somewhat of a mystery over the years, we also know that one of his most acclaimed product lines is fragrances. So, let’s take a look into the fragrance collection and the success its had over the years!

Where did it all start?

By the 1970s, the Calvin Klein brand was already a huge success and it quickly expanded into a menswear collection, followed by fragrances. It wasn’t an easy ride for Calvin Klein; he initially met with Revlon but with no gains, until he eventually put up his own money to fund his first fragrance. This was unheard of at the time, and it proved to be a rocky start.

Calvin Klein officially launched his first fragrances in 1978 and 1981, but their success was short-lived due to the closure of the cosmetics department of Calvin Klein in 1979. Not one to be deterred, the Calvin Klein brand continued its efforts and it appeared to pay off.

Calvin Klein Obsession

In 1985, Calvin Klein launched Obsession, which revealed the brand’s position as a leader in the fragrance market. The brand spent $13 million on advertising and the perfume was an instant success.

It has since been described as ‘80s in a bottle’, combining spicy, woody and floral notes that embodied the seemingly glamorous lifestyle of the 1980s. The strong intensity and long-lasting notes meant that it was a popular choice for those looking for a perfume that would last all day.

The men’s version followed soon after, with a similarly provocative and powerful scent that was fuelled by citrus and oriental notes.

CK Obsession

Calvin Klein Eternity

Eternity by Calvin Klein quickly followed in 1988, inspired by a diamond wedding band and the concept of love. It became an instant classic, with citrus and floral notes that created an easy-to-wear fragrance no matter the occasion. As with the previous creation, Eternity was long-lasting and became the perfect go-to perfume for the women of the time.

Eternity for men was released soon after, with a sensitive but masculine scent that offered a classic fragrance for years to come.

CK Eternity

The first unisex fragrance

In 1994, Calvin Klein pushed boundaries again by releasing CK One. It was the first scent released as unisex, and captured a carefree essence through its fresh, clean notes. It became iconic through the 90s, and it even paved the way for a CK One makeup line 20 years later.

With a refreshing, crisp scent, CK One was revolutionary for its time, and you can still buy it today in all its minimalist glory.

CK One

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