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Beauty Tricks You Need to Know

Beauty Tricks You Need to Know

At Perfume Direct, our fragrance range is vast but did you know we also have a great collection of skincare and beauty products too? It’s the perfect time to find yourself a new beauty routine and experiment with some of our favourite beauty items. From indulgent body lotions to repairing shampoos, we have a range of products to incorporate into your daily routine.

With that in mind, we also have some beauty tricks to share, to help you get the most out of your skincare regime!

Your moisturising routine

It’s important to moisturise to keep your skin soft and hydrated, but the time you do it is also key. Consider moisturising as soon as you get out of the shower, whether that’s in the morning or evening. This can seal in the moisture that your skin has just absorbed. 

This can be one of the best ways to defend against dry skin. Our Clinique All About Moisture gift set is the perfect combination to keep your skin protected and refreshed.

The benefits of exfoliating

Whether you already exfoliate or not, you might only do it when you’re planning on applying fake tan as it can help the application look much more natural. However, you should think about making exfoliation part of your normal routine!

This is because exfoliating can help to remove any complexion-dulling skin cells, revealing fresh cells underneath! This will increase smoothness, improve your skin tone and might even help with lessening wrinkles.

Layer your skincare products

It’s important to apply your skincare in a particular order if you want to get the most out of them. The general rule is to start from thinnest to thickest texture, which can help your skin to absorb everything properly. Start with something very light, such as the Clinique Anti-Blemish Cleansing Bar, which will help to remove toxins and dirt first.

You can follow your cleanser with a light, alcohol-free toner, before moving on in order to a serum, moisturiser and oil. The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion is perfect as the last step in your skincare routine, giving your skin a chance to soften, smoothen and glow.

Don’t forget your neck

When cleansing and moisturising your face, it’s so important to remember your neck area too! Your neck can be a big giveaway of ageing. Remember to moisturise upwards, and avoid pulling your skin down or you’ll simply be helping gravity do its job.

Find the right shampoo for your hair

It’s important to identify your hair type and then understand what type of shampoo will best meet its needs. For example, if you have damaged or weak hair, look for a strengthening shampoo such as the Tigi Bed Head Elasticate shampoo & conditioner. The right shampoo or conditioner can help you get the most out of each hair wash and keep your locks looking smooth and healthy.

Why not go the extra mile with your hair care routine and add a scented hair mist? The Thierry Mugler Angel hair mist is lightweight and non-sticky, perfect as an alternative to perfume.

Dry shampoo is your friend

Finally, don’t forget that dry shampoo can help you get more out of your hair in between washes. In some cases, over-washing your hair can cause more damage, so a little spritz of dry shampoo can really help.

Dry shampoo can help to soak up any excess oil. Try applying it before bed for even better results.


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