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Buying Guide to Women’s Floral Perfumes

Buying Guide to Women’s Floral Perfumes

Floral perfumes are very popular thanks to their fresh and easy-to-wear scents. A go-to for many women, floral perfumes are often light and sweet, created with a bouquet of flowers that you are likely familiar with. For this reason, almost every perfume collection will include a floral staple that you can reach for no matter the occasion.

Floral perfumes will be created with flowery notes at their heart, but they can often be paired with other scents to create unique fragrances. For instance, you may be drawn to floral perfumes with an oriental twist, or perhaps a more woody-floral scent takes your fancy.

With that in mind, we take you through some of the most enticing perfumes that all fall under the floral family, but each offering their own subtle differences. 

Sweet floral perfumes

Sweet floral perfumes are ideal for a daytime scent, offering a fresh and feminine fragrance that can quickly become your signature. Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs is a perfect example of this. Part of the much-loved Daisy collection, Eau So Fresh offers a sweet floral fragrance using both floral and fruity notes.

Raspberry, grapefruit, jasmine, rose and violet work perfectly together to create a sweet perfume, providing a light but vibrant fragrance for wearing anytime.

For a sweet floral bouquet, Bloom by Gucci transports you to a blossoming garden. Its white floral fragrance has been created through notes of jasmine and tuberose, resulting in a long-lasting floral perfume that has a powdery, natural quality to it.

Capturing the feel of soft petals on your skin, Gucci Bloom makes you feel as though you are surrounded by fresh flowers through the day.

Woody floral perfumes

Many of the fragrance families overlap depending on the combination of notes. Woody floral perfumes create irresistible scents that have a more intriguing effect than sweet fragrances, making them a perfect choice for day or evening wear.

Olympea by Paco Rabanne demonstrates the perfect blend of floral and woody scents that work beautifully together. Created with ginger flower and water jasmine, Olympea is then mixed with vanilla, sandalwood and cashmere for the ultimate woody floral perfume that still oozes femininity.

A long-standing favourite in many women’s perfume collections, Thierry Mugler Alien was first released in 2005. It is bold yet mysterious, housed in a celestial bottle and created with a distinctive combination of notes.

Using sambac jasmine, cashmere and white amber, Alien is a woody floral perfume with an intense, long-lasting scent that is perfectly suited for evening wear.



Floral oriental perfumes

Oriental-inspired perfumes are most suited for night; think a special occasion or a night on the town. This is because oriental fragrances are unique, sensual and very distinctive. Floral oriental perfumes are a popular choice for that special addition to your perfume collection.

Donna by Valentino is one such example, created with familiar notes of bergamot and rose, combined with iris, patchouli, leather and vanilla for a striking finish. Designed to capture the spirit of la dolce vita, or the sweet life, Donna is a long-lasting elegant perfume that celebrates Roman times.

Housed in a unique bottle, Wonderlust by Michael Kors transports you to an exotic destination with a blend of blossoms and spiced notes. The perfect floral oriental perfume, it awakens the senses with notes of bergamot, pink pepper, jasmine, cashmere and almond milk.

Wonderlust represents the desire for discovery, with the dianthus flower at the very heart of the fragrance, giving it a clove-like aroma for that perfect balance of spicy and sweet.




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