Choosing the Perfect DKNY Perfume

Choosing the Perfect DKNY Perfume

DKNY perfumes have been a classic choice since the early 1990s, and continue to be best-sellers even today. Born out of Donna Karan’s love for the city of New York, the perfume collection represents the modern woman in an ever-changing world. DKNY fragrances are sophisticated, playful and refreshing, offering the ideal scent for every occasion. 

 With that in mind, we identify some of the best DKNY perfumes to suit each occasion.

The best DKNY perfume for everyday wear

Whether your normal daily routine includes going to work, looking after the kids or running errands, make sure you do it while smelling good! For the perfect everyday perfume, we recommend the original DKNY Be Delicious; a scent you just can’t go wrong with.

In its iconic apple-shaped bottle, Be Delicious was first released in 2004 and still smells as modern and juicy as it did back then. Be Delicious is a bright and fresh scent that uplifts your day no matter what you’re doing. Notes include grapefruit, cucumber, violet, apple and sandalwood for an energetic fragrance.

Alternatively, if you prefer a floral scent to a citrus one, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom has you covered. With an intensely feminine fragrance, it has been created with a beautiful blend of fruit and flowers. Notes include apple blossom, rose, violet and orris root.

The best DKNY perfume for evening

Evening perfumes are notoriously richer and more luxurious than their daytime counterparts, and for good reason. When choosing an evening perfume, look for warm notes that reflect the time of night with exotic aromas; perfect for leaving a lasting impression at your next dinner date.

DKNY Be Delicious Night is the perfect, albeit obvious, choice. An intoxicating cocktail of exotic notes, it offers a unique floral fragrance with a hint of oriental scents. Best reserved for evening, wear it to any occasion whether it’s a city centre bar or the theatre.

The best DKNY perfume for a special occasion

There will come a time when a special occasion appears in your calendar, whether it’s date night, a birthday, big anniversary or even a romantic holiday. The perfect perfume can help to set the mood and match the occasion beautifully.

A special occasion needs a unique scent; something that will help to create a memory. DKNY Nectar Love is an oriental fragrance with a summery, carefree scent that is great for occasions when you just want to enjoy yourself. It comes in a honey-bee embellished bottle for added effect.

Nectar Love has been created with a harmonious combination of scents, including grapefruit, nectarine, jasmine, bees wax, neroli and vanilla. Why not buy the gift set and treat yourself to Nectar Love-infused shower gel for a longer lasting aroma?