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Classic Scents with Opulent Aromas

Classic Scents with Opulent Aromas

Everybody loves a little luxury, right? A rich and opulent fragrance to complement your outfit or style can give you an edge over anyone else in the room, helping carry your image before and around you and luring people towards you, and where better to find one than a list of classic scents, all of which are currently available through our website at discount prices?

Classic scents are ones that have earned their place on the shelf by proving to be continuously popular from their release onwards.

There are many benefits of wearing classics, or at least keeping them in your collection. First of all, their popularity means that they are widely available and are also unlikely to be discontinued. They are distinctive and recognisable, and also tend to be fragrances that are wearable on any occasion and that last the day out – making them good-value buys.

The following fragrances have all stood the test of time and repeatedly make it onto best-seller lists despite their (sometimes surprising) ages. Take a look, and they take your fancy, head over to our website and pick yourself up a treat.

Gucci – Rush

Released in 1999, Gucci Rush is a fragrance for women and has an intense and adult feel about it.

 As the name suggests, this is a very distinctive and intense fragrance which opens up softly, with peach, gardenia and freesia but quickly grows in intensity, as its heart of coriander, damask rose and jasmine rise to the surface. Base notes of patchouli, vetiver and vanilla give this scent a seductive and glamorous air and make it easily recognisable.

Staying true to the era that inspired it, Rush is presented in a rectangular plastic bottle that looks like a cassette tape case in bright red, making the packaging as recognisable as the scent itself.   

Christian Dior – Miss Dior Original

Originally named Miss Dior and rebranded to be Miss Dior Original in 2011, this is a delightfully feminine fragrance that oozes delicate sophistication. Released in 1947, this one truly has earned its reputation and is well on its way to celebrating 75 years on the shelf, making it the oldest contender on this list.

Top notes of aldehydes, galbanum, clary sage, gardenia and bergamot combine to give clean and elegant fragrance that has a freshness about it. Floral mid notes of narcissus, orris root, iris, lily and jasmine give the feminine edge and the base of patchouli, leather, vetiver and sandalwood make this a truly distinctive fragrance. 

This one is presented in classic oblong bottle with an embellished glass topper, showing off the goldish liquid contents.

Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male

This amber-headed fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier was released in 1995, bringing it close to its 30th year on the shelf. Top notes of lavender, mint, cardamom, bergamot and artemisia give this fragrance a fresh and masculine warmth.

The mid and base notes of cinnamon, orange blossom, caraway, amber, vanilla and cedar give a warm and spicy flavour and a sensual feel that make this classic a hit.

Like the women’s fragrance, this one is presented in a botte shaped like a body or mannequin, this one a male presentation in light blue glass with white frosted stripes.  

Paco Rabanne – Lady Million

This sweet treat was brought to us by Paco Rabanne in 2010 and has been a top seller ever since. A fruity, floral fragrance with a rich, amber centre, this scent smells as luxurious as it looks in its gold coloured, diamond shaped bottle.

Top notes of raspberry, neroli and lemon give a fruity opening which softens to release a strong, sweet aroma that comes from the jasmine, orange blossom, honey and amber in the mid and base notes.

This is a sweet yet grown up scent, and will leave people sniffing the air as you pass them by.        

DKNY – Be Delicious

The 1st fragrance in the Delicious family, Be Delicious was released in 2004, and is presented in an apple-shaped bottle, with the top half covered in chrome and the bottom glass displaying the apple green contents.

A fruity, floral fragrance, Be Delicious is sweet and energetic, with top notes of cucumber, magnolia and grapefruit giving a freshness that is added to by the zing of the green apple in the mid notes. Lily, violet, rose and amber give it a feminine air and sweeten it up, giving another layer to an already exciting scent.

Calvin Klein – Eternity for Women

This golden oldie has been with us since 1988 and is a classic, elegant fragrance inspired by Calvin Klein’s own marriage and family and created as a tribute to them.

Top notes of freesia, sage and citrus flavours are combined with mid and base notes of lily, carnation, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, amber and patchouli, to give a fresh and slightly spicy aroma that opens with a bang but softens to have a sophisticated and earthy feel to it.

The bottle is a classic oblong with a chrome stopper shaped like a lock and looks as elegant and refined as the contents smell.

Hugo Boss – Boss Orange for Women EDT

A sweet, floral scent, Boss Orange for Women EDT was launched in 2009, and is a feminine and energetic fragrance inspired by free spirited women.

Top notes of white floral scents and red apple give a soft and fruity scent. These are then combined with orange blossom, sandal wood, olive wood and vanilla, to add a creamy base layer and sweeten the apple up.

The bottle. Like the contents, is classy and distinctive. A peachy-amber oblong with textured glass inside make it look a little like a column of honeycomb cells. This is topped with a smooth oblong in chrome, contrasting starkly with the bottle.

Classic fragrances earn their spot through popularity, and that doesn’t come for no reason. These perfumes are elegant, distinctive, evocative and refined, and their reputation alone is good reason to give them a shot, if you haven’t already.


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