Complementing Scents - Day & Night Combos To Keep You Sweet

Complementing Scents - Day & Night Combos To Keep You Sweet
Got a big event on the horizon? Or maybe more often than that? Getting ready for a special occasion can be almost as much fun as the big night itself. Getting bathed and made up, doing your hair up, getting on your glad rags and, of course, picking out the perfect perfume.  

A busy schedule might mean that just occasionally, the time to indulge in all of this is a luxury we don’t have. At times like these, a quick freshen up in the washroom may well be all we have available. 

This is a handy guide to making the most of those moments, from hints and tips to some dazzling combos that will help you feel fully refreshed and feeling fabulous. 

Hints & Tips 

  1. Be Prepared 

There may be times when an event is simply sprung upon you. One great way to be prepared is to keep a little getting-ready kit in a desk draw or cubby hole. Little things like a spare deodorant, a pack of wet-wipes and a small tub of baking soda can be a life saver in an emergency. 

  1. Wet Wipes 

Wet wipes are far better at dulling scents than soap and water alone and odourless wipes will be even better, softening one without leaving another. Remember to wipe all the places you regularly spray (wrists, neck, ankles, backs of knees, chest etc) and even your armpits if you’re reapplying deodorant, too. 

  1. Change of Clothing 

If you have advance notice of the event, you may be able to arrange an extra outfit for the occasion. This will obviously help get rid of more of your daytime scent as well as leaving you feeling refreshed. 

  1. Always Carry Deodorant 

A little wet wipe can go a long way but if you take off your deodorant, you need to replace it. A handbag/pocket sized spray or roll-on can be a miniature hero in times like these so don’t be without one. 

  1. Use a Neutral Moisturiser 

Odourless moisturiser will keep your skin supple without adding to or enhancing any of your scents. Try to avoid having too much in the places you regularly spray if you know you want to switch later, as the moisturiser will help it stick. 

  1. Wear the Softest Scent First 

We have advised here which are for day and nightwear but if you’re creating a combo of your own, using a softer scent first will help you cover or remove it more easily later in the day.  

  1. The Baking Soda Trick 

This is a handy trick to have up your sleeve. Mixing a small amount of baking soda with warm water and applying to the places where you have sprayed will help remove the scent from your skin. This is also a good tip in case of accidental over spraying, as it’s quick and cheap and easy to do. 


The Combos 

Elizabeth Arden – Green Tea (Day)



Jean-Paul Gaultier – Classique, Pin Up Edition (evening) 


Soft, sweet and fresh, Green Tea from Elizabeth Arden is a light and lively perfume with a fruity shade. The orange, amber and vanilla notes in this little gem are shared by Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Classique Pin Up Edition, which combines this sweet trio with lemon and ginger to give it a fiery edge, making this the perfect pair for any occasion. 


Armani Code – Absolut Femme (Day) 


Jimmy Choo – Illicit (Evening) 


Despite its relatively new entry to the market, Armani Code Absolut Femme is already a firm favourite with many. Sandalwood, vanilla, orange blossom and mandarin give a daintily fresh fragrance that is distinctive and alluring. Jimmy Choo’s Illicit has these notes mixed with rich honey and amber scents, giving it a sweet and dark kick. This is a day-night duo for diva who does! 


Carolina Herrera – Good Girl (Day) 

YSL – Black Opium Intense (Evening) 


Deep and sweet, Good Girl, from Carolina Herrera, is a soft scent with a dark side. Vanilla, coffee, coca and jasmine give a sensual scent with an adult attitude. Black Opium Intense, from YSL, is a scent inspired by rock couture. Coffee, cocoa and jasmine, as above, are paired here with Absinthe and herbs, taking your grown-up Good Girl on the rock night out she always wanted. 


Diesel – Fuel for Life (Day) 


Montblanc – Legend Spirit 

One for the boys here, Diesel’s Fuel for Life is a great all-rounder, anyway, but of you are looking to switch it up and you don’t have much time to do it, Montblanc’s Legend Spirit, which shares grapefruit, lavender and wood notes with Fuel for Life, makes a really good match. Added aquatic and spice notes make this a bad boy that everyone wants a taste of. 

So try these out or try to pair your own favourite up and, as always, have fun!


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