Dior Sauvage Has Arrived

Dior Sauvage Has Arrived

Finally, we bring you the highly sought after and compelling fragrance that is Dior Sauvage. Before you head over to the site we'd love the opportunity to tell you a bit more about it and unravel the mystery.

Dior's origins: A little bit of background

Christian Dior was a French fashion designer born in 1905. From an early age he showed a keen interest in fashion and the art world, persevering through both financial and personal adversity to maintain his passion. In the face of his first major chance at success, after being approached to design for a fashion house by an entrepreneur known as the 'richest man in France', Dior retained his strong values and refused, wishing instead to start one under his own name. This determination won that same man's favour and gained Dior his backing in 1946 when he founded his own fashion house that would soon become one of the world's leading brands. To this day the Dior label's products are still marked by that same ethos of dedication and pioneering courage.

Dior Sauvage

Fast forward seven decades and here we are now. But how have Dior managed to contemporise themselves and stay relevant with their new fragrance? The answer lies in that same commitment to leading and evolving. Whilst Sauvage is technically a reboot of an aftershave by the same name launched in 1966, it couldn't be any further away from or more intriguing than its predecessor. If you've only seen snippets of Johnny Depp on television ads, and he looks dark and handsome, but it doesn't make much sense; then we seriously recommend you head over to YouTube and watch 'Legend Of The Magic Hour', a short film that gives more context to the fragrance as a whole. However, here's the gist:

If the ads seem a tad obscure or dare we say it, 'artsy', that's only because the fragrance has been very carefully created to capture a specific and magical moment in time: twilight. Composed by Francois Demachy one of Dior's head perfumer-creators, Sauvage is intended to invoke a fantasy of the desert at that mysterious ephemeral time that is neither here nor there, when the night takes over day and true nature is revealed, suspending and stirring the soul. Sauvage is rooted in the American West and based on ancient native legends in which wolves are gods and man is finally unburdened of heavy possessions, instead guided by his instincts and at one with the world around him. Now even if you can't relate to that exact scenario....you've got to admit it sounds pretty darn exciting, doesn't it?!

Why Buy?

Well, the number of prestigious awards this scent has won say it all really. It's been noted for being “radically fresh, raw and noble”. With radiant notes including Calabrian bergamot, geranium, lavender, Sichuan and pink pepper and cedar, the fragrance is intense, yet smooth and fresh in equal measure. It's our top pick of the month and we couldn't recommend it highly enough, especially with Christmas right around the corner!