Exploring the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection

Exploring the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection

This month at Perfume Direct we are truly thrilled to be offering a 10ml travel gift set from Tom Ford's latest Private Blend collection. To announce its arrival we'd love to tell you a little bit more about these unique fragrances and of course, the man himself.

 First off: Who is Tom Ford?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Tom Ford is just about as innovative, creative and versatile as they come in the fashion industry. Since starting at Gucci in 1990 he has tirelessly accelerated on his path to the top pushing not only himself but most boundaries along the way. In 1994, a mere four years on, he was Gucci's Creative Director whilst simultaneously helping to rejuvenate the Yves Saint Laurent brand and dreaming of ways to go it alone, which he finally did in 2004. As it now stands he been dubbed, 'Fashion's boldest, most audacious success story ever', and is hugely acclaimed by not only the fragrance industry but the film industry too!! Really makes you wonder what you've been doing with your time?!

Tom Ford

Down to business: What is the Private Blend Collection?

It's all in the name really, but the Private Blends are intended by Ford, to be his most personal and unique scents yet. They are both stripped back and nuanced at the same time; deriving from one single note such as amber or tobacco, but having infinite interpretations and meaning to the individual wearer. With this collection, Ford sought to push gently away from mainstream industry traditions and create something that, more than anything, intrigued him. As with all his past fragrances, the Private Blend deliberately shies away from being gender-specific and instead ties the scents more intrinsically to memories, places or emotions...much more romantic than a simple 'male' or 'female' we think!

Our Pick!

Our gift set offers up potentially the most refreshing and serene three fragrances from the whole line: Neroli Portofino, Mandarino Di Amalfi and Costa Azzurra. These three scents connote dreamy coastal landscapes, where sparkling blue waters gently press against sleepy Mediterranean ports, carrying a gentle awakening breeze along the coast, over the surrounding whitewashed cliffs and through quiet, tranquil forests. They aim to revive the wearer and bring about a certain sense of nostalgia for a time when humans and nature met more thoughtfully in beautiful and still places. Yes, please! That sounds idyllic.

Tom Ford Private Blend Collection

In Conclusion: Why Buy?

In keeping with the Private Blend's entire ethos of sentiment and personal experience, the 10ml travel set is designed to go with you on your own journeys as you form unique attachments to sedentary, relaxing places. As Ford says himself, 'like music or food, the scent is a very direct sensory stimulant', meaning that time and time again you can evoke these peaceful moments on the days in the office when it all seems a far cry away! Head over to the site and start making memories that mean much more with the Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance Collection.