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Find the Ghost Fragrance that Matches Your Mood

Find the Ghost Fragrance that Matches Your Mood

No matter your personality or the mood you find yourself in, there is a Ghost perfume to suit you. Since 2000, Ghost has provided a collection of premium scents at incredibly affordable prices, with a range of perfumes to make you feel feminine, sophisticated and empowered. Evoking an ethereal confidence, Ghost perfumes are timeless and comforting. 

Whether you are a city girl, early bird or sun-worshipper, there’s a Ghost perfume to match your attitude. Here we take a look at some of the best-selling Ghost fragrances and what they represent.

Ghost Original perfume 

The epitome of Ghost perfumes, the Original is a timeless and pure fragrance that offers the perfect balance of cool elegance and surprising warmth. Ghost Original perfume represents the idea of waking up to a fresh new day, filled with imagination and infinite horizons. 

Evoking positivity and confidence, Ghost Original is a soft and feminine fragrance that was the brand’s first perfume. Top notes of white rose and lily give way to a heart of smoked incense, jasmine and sandalwood, all sitting on a base of spiced amber, musk and vanilla. This delicate yet distinct fragrance is the perfect scent to see you through your everyday routine.

Its sister scent, Ghost Purity, similarly represents a breath of fresh air, taking the wearer on a journey through hazy mornings and rolling hills. Notes include freesia, rose, violet and lily on a warming base of sandalwood and musk.

Together, these perfumes are perfect for lovers of the countryside and those who often find themselves relaxed and carefree.

Ghost Captivating perfume

Have you ever been completely captivated by something? Perhaps someone who had caught your eye across the room, creating a sense of enticement? Ghost Captivating has taken this essence and bottled it perfectly.  

A mesmerising glance across the room is sometimes all it takes to make you feel special in a crowd, and Ghost Captivating can help you to feel like that every time you spritz yourself. This floral, woody perfume opens with a burst of bergamot, mandarin and guava before unfolding to its floral heart of rose, peony, jasmine and freesia. 

Finishing on a base of orris, sandalwood and musk, there is a fascination and a charm that lingers even after the perfume has faded away. Perfect for those who like to leave a lasting impression… 

Ghost Deep Night perfume

For a much darker and intriguing perfume from the Ghost collection, Ghost Deep Night encourages you to embrace the darkness and the inky velvet night that comes with it. 

A much more sensual and intoxicating fragrance than others, Ghost Deep Night perfume hints at the night’s possibilities and secrets. The shadows and magic of darkness are represented beautifully in this fragrance, in particularly through the use of the belle de nuit flower, which only opens at dusk.

Indian rose works with the belle de nuit flower before giving way to peach and apricot, sitting on a base of vanilla, musk and woody notes. This powerful fragrance is created for the night owl; the woman who feels that rush of emotion and excitement when the sun goes down.

Ghost Moonlight perfume

A perfume that is described as floral and citrus, Ghost Moonlight is a mysterious and seductive fragrance created for the nocturnal. A blend of gourmand notes create an enigmatic aroma that leaves you wanting more.

Ghost Moonlight perfume takes you on a cosmic adventure with a fascinating blend of notes. Beginning with top notes of ginger, bergamot and melon, the fragrance moves to a floral heart of peony, orange blossom and lily. Ghost Moonlight finishes with a unique base of white chocolate, amber and sandalwood for a truly indulgent fragrance.


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