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Five Perfumes To Wear On Your Wedding Day

Five Perfumes To Wear On Your Wedding Day

A wedding day should be the best day of your life and something that you can cherish forever. When you are walking down the aisle, it is essential that you look and feel your absolute best. Something that should never be forgotten is your chosen perfume for the big day, as different smells can have a huge impact on the way you feel.  The fragrance you pick will remind you of this special moment whenever it is sprayed again so it is important that you choose wisely. To make it a little bit easier and to give you one less stress, we have narrowed it down to five different scents for both the bride and the groom.

Fragrance for the bride

Scents for the bride

Gucci – Bloom

It has been said that floral fragrances are typically worn by people that believe in true romance
, so any perfume with hints of flowers would be ideal for a wedding day. This scent, that is designed to transport you to a relaxing garden that is brimming with gorgeous flowers, is created with a combination of jasmine, tuberose and a Rangoon creeper, which is a plant that changes colour when it blooms. The classic smell, that exudes sophistication and somehow creates a contrast between vintage and modern, would be perfect for helping you feel like a blushing bride.

Marc Jacobs – Daisy

This charming scent contains tones of jasmine and soft white violets with a concoction of wild berries and sandalwood. It is a classic and pure fragrance that oozes optimism and beauty, which can only help you look towards your future positively as you make this incredible commitment to the love of your life. The romance within this perfume is contrasted towards the warmth and hints of seduction, which will also help you feel your best on your wedding night as well as the day. This smell captures the essence of a woman who is loving, playful and timeless and will make you dream of blue skies and sunny days.

Dior - Miss Dior

This perfume that radiates femininity is Dior’s ‘floral declaration’ and projects romance, passion and freedom which is expressed through the tagline, ‘what would you do for love?’ The fragrance tells a story by representing a whirlwind of feelings and emotions, which is truly the best way to describe love itself. The fresh smell, that is bursting with floral notes of grasse rose, fresh Calabrian bergamot, rosewood and pink pepper embodies the feeling of falling head over heels in love. The sensual scent is perfect to wear for a celebration of love, commitment and romance.

Fragrance for the groom

Scents for the groom

Paco Rabanne – Invictus 

For a groom on their wedding day, it is important to feel confident and strong. This scent is perfect for helping you feel empowered as it is designed to transform any man who wears it into a more impressive and vibrant version of themselves. The name of the fragrance itself is translated into the word ‘invincible’. With just a spritz of Invictus, you will feel like you can take on anything and be more than ready to begin the most important day of your life. This energizing fragrance is filled with zesty fruit tones, patchouli and a woody oakmoss.

Hugo Boss – Boss The Scent

For a lot of people, feeling like the best version of yourself means feeling sexy. This oriental woody scent that is combined with spicy notes of ginger, Maninka fruit, lavender and leather accords, creates an unforgettable and sensual smell.  This masculine fragrance is designed to help you tap into the seductive side of yourself so that you feel irresistible and confident for your big day.

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