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Fragrances For The Festival Season

Fragrances For The Festival Season

With lots of exciting festivals still ahead of us this summer, everybody lucky enough to have a ticket has been putting together a number of bold outfits that will make people seethe with jealousy. However, even though it might not be captured in the Instagram pictures, the most important accessory you can have to complete your festival look is a signature scent.

The perfume you choose to rock can make a huge difference to your mood, confidence and feelings. This scent will also capture all of the incredible memories you make which you will be reminded of whenever you spray it again.

Festival Fragrances

It can be pretty daunting to choose the right scent for you, so we have chosen a couple that will compliment a variety of different festival experiences.  

Leeds & Reading Festival 

The Leeds and Reading Festivals have been the UK’s go-to for an indie-rock filled weekend for decades and it is usually crawling with young, fresh and fashionable people. If this is the feel you are hoping to exude, the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume would be a perfect choice. The refreshing concoction of apple, Sicilian lemon, jasmine, white rose and more is the perfect summer scent that would make everybody you come across envious of your cool and casual vibe.

Festival Fragrances

The Calvin Klein Eternity for men fragrance is also an excellent choice for radiating the ultimate cool and relaxed ambience, as it is an extremely fresh smell with green notes combined with citruses.

Y Not Festival

If you are planning on pulling all-nighters at a festival such as ‘Y Not?’ you might want to try a scent with fruity smells that will leave you feeling energised. Tommy Hilfiger’s flirty fragrance, Girl Summer, which is a combination of citruses, tangerine, orchid and lotus, will definitely help you feel revitalised so that you can let your hair down in the glorious sunshine.  

Festival Fragrances

Party with Jimmy

For a party-filled weekend, a scent such as Jimmy Choo’s Flash would work a treat as it is designed to remind you of the thrilling feeling you get when dressing up for a glitzy occasion and to bring out your inner wild child. The perfume, which is combined with a blend of pink pepper, tangerine, strawberry and a dash of white flowers and tuberose, will certainly get you in the mood to dance all night long.

Make it a strong one...

It is no secret that the bulk of festival-goers tend to avoid the long queues for the showers, so in order to keep smelling fresh by the time the weekend ends, it is even more important to bring a long-lasting scent with you. The Paco Rabanne One Million fragrance is known for its signature strong smell that is instantly recognised for the blend of mint, sparkling fresh fruits and hints of rose.

The female version of this perfume, Lady Million, which is an irresistible concoction of raspberry, jasmine, orange flower, patchouli and deliciously sweet honey, is also wildly popular for its long-lasting qualities. You definitely want to feel your best while having the time of your life and these scents will certainly keep you smelling incredible from the beginning of the day until you are a little bit more dishevelled in the late hours of the night.

All the perfumes mentioned in this post can be found at Perfume Direct - enjoy the festival :) 


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