How the UK Celebrates Valentine’s Day

How the UK Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day has become a huge date in our calendars. For those of you who are loved up, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for your other half. Whether you’re buying gifts such as perfume, or taking your significant other out for dinner, it’s a day to be celebrated.

With that in mind, how does the UK plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? We took a look at some interesting statistics on the most romantic day of the year…

1 in 2 Brits plan on spending money this Valentine’s Day, but women are more likely to spend nothing compared to men. In fact, men are 3 times more likely than women to spend over £200 on their significant others on the 14th February. 19.3% of women in the UK are expected to only spend between £1 and £10 on their men.

The areas and generations most likely to celebrate

Across the UK, there are some regions more likely to celebrate than others. For those living in London or Northern Ireland; you’re in luck. 73.5% of those living in London will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, with 73.2% of those in Northern Ireland following suit.

Areas like Yorkshire, and East and West Midlands are the least likely to celebrate the 14th February.

When it comes to showering your other half with gifts, it’s Generation X who are expected to spend the most with an average of £33.94. Millennials and baby boomers closely follow, expected to spend around £25.

Between 68.4% and 69.3% of baby boomers, Generation X and millennials will be celebrating in some way next month.

Buying gifts on Valentine’s Day

59.6% of us are buying Valentine’s Day gifts for our wife or husband, while 28.2% of us will be buying for a girlfriend or boyfriend. Surprisingly, 4.5% of us will buy a Valentine’s gift for our dog, and 4.7% of us buying for our children.

Some of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day include perfume and aftershave, flowers, chocolates or paying for an experience day. However, you’d better get it right this year; 46.8% of us who received a gift in the past didn’t like it!

A huge 50% of the UK rarely receive a Valentine’s Day gift at all. So, if you’re planning on celebrating the 14th February this year, take a look at our brilliant range of Valentine’s Day perfumes and aftershaves that are perfect for creating a little romance in your life.

How the UK celebrate Valentines Day