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How to Choose the Right Tom Ford Fragrance for You

How to Choose the Right Tom Ford Fragrance for You

New fans of Tom Ford might only know him as the creator of his eponymous brand, but he is actually best known for transforming Gucci back in the 1990s. Tom Ford was very much into the creative arts, studying art history at New York University before quitting after 1 year to act in TV commercials and study architecture. He took a year off to work at the Chloé press office.

He eventually became creative director at Gucci in 1994, at a time when the fashion house was on the verge of bankruptcy and was deemed to be unfashionable. Tom Ford also worked with Yves Saint Laurent. By 2004, Gucci was valued at $10 billion; all thanks to Ford injecting glamour and sexiness back into the brand.

Ford eventually left Gucci and developed his own brand in 2006; his first job was to launch a line of fragrances. The first fragrance was Black Orchid, which is still loved today by men and women alike.

Tom Ford’s brand now has over 40 unique fragrances most of which can be worn by women or men. So, how do you find the right Tom Ford fragrance for you?

Understanding the Tom Ford fragrance collections

Tom Ford released two main lines of fragrances, each of which had their own distinct identity. Private Blend is the more luxurious of the two, with a much more experimental background. Embodying creation without constrains, Private Blend fragrances are edgy and challenging. Using unexpected combinations with powerful scents, Private Blend is Tom Ford’s very own personal perfume experiment.

The second line, Signature, offers the same complexity and intrigue but with much more accessibility. Signature fragrances from Tom Ford are well-constructed and made to last, making them the perfect choice for anyone hoping for a unique fragrance.

Choosing the right fragrance

Many of Tom Ford’s fragrance offer completely unexpected and new combinations; for instance, Tuscan Leather uses raspberry and leather, while Oud Minérale combines smoky oud with sea salt accord. Such combinations can seem daunting and a little overwhelming, and can make it tricky to choose the right one to suit your olfactory.

For evening wear, Tom Ford Noir is the ultimate men’s scent. The Noir collection includes the original Noir; created with a warm and powdery scent. Noir Extreme is sweeter and spicier, while Noir Anthracite is smoky and woody; offering an evening scent for every preference.

Similarly, some fragrances from the Oud collection are ideally paired for an evening occasion. Tobacco Oud offers a spicy scent with a tobacco edge, while Oud Wood is created with rose wood, cardamom, sandalwood and vetiver.

While light fragrances aren’t necessarily Tom Ford’s style, you will find some fragrances that can be worn throughout the day too. Oud Fleur offers a rose floral bouquet, while the unique combination used in Oud Minérale makes it an easier to wear fragrance than you might think. The Orchid range in particular is the ultimate choice for daytime; Velvet Orchid offers an oriental-floral fragrance with mandarin orange, honey, rose oil and balsam.

This is only a small insight into the line of Tom Ford fragrances, but it’s a great start if you’re new to the brand! With distinctive and long-lasting scents, a Tom Ford aftershave or perfume is a perfect addition to your fragrance collection.


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