International Self-Care Day + Day Plan

International Self-Care Day + Day Plan

With International Self-Care Day on the horizon (Saturday 24th July) we thought we'd deep dive into the subject of Self Care & also put together a helpful plan of how you could spend your day (if you have the time). 

So firstly, what is Self-Care?

Self-care quite simply is taking care of ourselves – physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Self-care means something different to each person and everyone finds a different way to look after themselves and their wellbeing.

So what are some examples of looking after ourselves, not just for International Self-Care Day, but every day? Here are 10 to give you some inspiration! ❤

Sleep – ensuring we get enough of it!

Exercise and movement – especially from your desk, particularly if you sit for long intervals at a chair. Maybe try yoga or light stretching too.

Good nutrition - incorporating fruit & veg into your diet and less junk food, fizzy drinks etc

A healthy dose of sunshine – the Vitamin D is good for us!

Daily meditation – are you a beginner? No worries – there are some fab 10-minute guided meditations on YouTube that you can use!

Gardening – the mindfulness practice helps to calm the mind and keeps you grounded

Mobile ban – How long do we spend scrolling and picking up our phones through the day?  Lock your phone away in your drawer for the day (or really challenge yourself and do a whole weekend) and note how you feel. We’ve become so dependent on our phones, but are we missing out on being present?

A Spa day or a bubble bath – When was the last time you had a massage? Or a long soak? The body gets tired with knots and stresses of the day. Treat yourself to some time out and some much-needed pampering!

A walk – nature’s gift – The simplest of things but having a walk in nature (it’s FREE!) is accessible for us all and is a great way to get fit but also to practice mindfulness and being present, noticing the beauty in the world.

Be social - See a friend for a coffee or have a phone chat. We are social beings and even the most introvert of us need that human connection. Alternatively, if you’re usually surrounded by people and you’re an extrovert, then take some alone time for you to re-connect and re-charge.

    We thought it would be nice to draw up an example of a typical Self-Care day. We hope you like it and feel compelled to do your own! ❤

    The Day Plan

    07:00 // Wake – Don’t look at your mobile and think about 5 things you are grateful for to start your day.

    07:10 // Make a hot lemon drink (Hot water and squeeze about half a lemon into your drink and stir). Lemon water is a great morning drink to detox the body and mind.

    07:15 // Go for a 15–30-minute walk to get moving and to get some fresh air and exercise. Alternatively, you may want to start a 30-day Yoga programme (Yoga with Adriene is amazing for beginners!) or an exercise challenge (we love Chloe Ting’s workouts on YouTube).

    07:45 // Shower and get ready! Make sure you moisturise your skin in the morning after cleansing/toning and again at night. We really love the Clarins Super Restorative Gift Set for day and night. It contains Day Cream, Night Cream and a lovely serum treatment.

    08:00 // Make a protein-fuelled breakfast to keep your hunger pangs at bay longer. There are some fab recipes online to choose from. One of my faves are protein pancakes with blueberries and you can make a decent batch for the week ahead: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/easy-protein-pancakes

    08:20 // Do a 10-minute morning guided meditation (we recommend The Mindful Movement on YouTube).

    11:00 // Have a light snack and some breathing space! Celery sticks with Hummus is a healthy option.

    11:10 // Show your hands some love with Clinique's Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream. Hands get dry and cracked and we need to nourish them from time to time. It's also a nice mindful practice to keep us in the moment.

    12:30 – 13:00 // Lunch – Try a tasty avocado salad of your choice and top with some heathy seeds, such as flax or sunflower seeds. Add a squirt of lemon!

    13:00 - 13:30 // Pick up a book or try an audio book instead of scrolling through social media. Give yourself the chance to defrag from the day so far whilst learning something new or getting immersed in a story. You can try Audible for audiobooks and your first month is free!

    17:00 // Pop to the gym or go for a run or a walk for an hour.

    18.30 // Tea-time – Opt for a high protein, low carb/fat meal – there are plenty of yummy choices here: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/healthy-dinner-recipes

    19:30 // Ring a friend or a family member for a catch up.

    20:30 // Run a hot bubbly bath with some candles and start to wind down. Treat yourself to a lovely face mask. We recommend Dr Hauschka Revitalising Mask, an organic and natural product that leaves the skin looking radiant and toned.

    21:00 // Put your phone on flight mode and leave it on flight mode until the morning to stop notifications – the blue light from your mobile stops the body from winding down and going to sleep. If you like, you can set a regular alarm on your phone to remind you to do this each night.

    21:30 // Get into bed with a book/magazine – read for 30-60mins.

    22:00 - 22:30 // Turn lights out and get a good 8 hours sleep!

    We hope you benefitted from these examples and try some of the suggestions out for yourself! Let us know if you do and if you have any more self-care rituals you swear by.

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