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Jimmy Choo – A Decade Making Perfume

Jimmy Choo – A Decade Making Perfume

Fashion brand Jimmy Choo may only have a decade of perfume making to their name, but with an astonishing 36 scents already, their commitment to the business is not in question and their success speaks for itself.

Their first fragrance, also named Jimmy Choo and released in 2011, was a women’s scent with a warm and woody aroma. It was a top seller and is still receiving rave reviews today. The seductive scent gained a reputation for keeping its flavour as well as lasting all day, nailing the top 3 items in the list of things most of us want in a perfume.

Since then, another 35 have joined the ranks, mostly for women, but with a fair selection of men’s fragrances in there, too.  These are some of our favourites and are all available through our online store.

Jimmy Choo

The first fragrance from the brand, this warm and woody scent is celebrating its 10th birthday this year and is still hugely popular. Top notes of pear and mandarin over orchid, toffee and patchouli give this a seductive and elegant fragrance that is sweet but rich and opulent. The bottle was created by fashion designer Tamara Mellon and is clear, textured glass with a stylish chrome and black topper.


A floral and feminine delight, Illicit was released in 2015 and was the first of a collection bearing the same name. Top notes of ginger and bitter orange give this floral number a kick in the opening, which gives way to jasmine, orange blossom, rose, amber and caramel, for a beautifully sweet combination that will last all day. This bottle is squat and round, with the New York skyline engraved into the lass, and has a square silver topper. Others in the same range have variations on the same style.

Jimmy Choo Man

Released in 2014, Jimmy Choo Man was the brands first offering aimed at men and received great reviews. A fresh and modern fragrance, it combines woody, fruity and aromatic notes to give a masculine and cool sensuality. Top notes of honeydew melon, pink pepper and pineapple mix with lavender and patchouli to give this one a punchy opening. The bottle is simple and chic – an oblong of smoky glass bearing a square black and chrome topper.


As the name suggests, Blossom is a sweet and floral number and has a soft and feminine fragrance. Released in 2015, at 6 years old it is still very popular. Top notes of raspberry and red fruits give this scent a sparkling air. Combined with sweet peas, roses and white musk, they give this light and elegant scent a depth that will last all day. The Blossom collection of scents come in chunky, textured glass bottles with stylish, oversized glass toppers.

I Want Choo

This alluring oriental fragrance was released in 2020, making it one of the newbies in the range. Top notes of peach and mandarin mixed with jasmine, red lily and vanilla give a creamy and exotic scent that suits both day and night occasions. The bottle is sleek and elegant; a clear, smooth glass in a classic potion-bottle shape embellished with gold metallic lettering.


A floral fragrance with a sparkling twist, Flash was released in 2013 and is made up of pink pepper, strawberry and tangerine top notes mixed with white lily, jasmine, heliotrope and white woods. The fragrance is floral but fresh, and the tangerine and pink pepper add a spicy air that gives this number its name. The bottle is similar to the Blossom ones, with the chunky textures glass and oversized topper, but tinted silver to match the name.

Urban Hero

Launched in 2019, Jimmy Choo Urban Hero is a woody and spicy scent, with a refreshing air brought by lemon and black pepper. Top notes of pepper and lime are laid over palisander rosewood, leather, vetiver and ambergris for a masculine scent with an intense and sensual fragrance. The bottle is clean and crisp – half glass, half chrome with the contents just visible in the bottom half and a chrome topper to match.

Jimmy Choo Man Ice



Fresh, clean and masculine, Man Ice from Jimmy Choo is what it says – Cool. This elegant fragrance for men was released in 2017 and has a minty, earthy fragrance that might put one in mind of mojito cocktails. Described as a woody aromatic fragrance, top notes of mandarin, citron and bergamot combined with apple, vetiver, cedar and patchouli give this smooth scent an icy kick. The bottle is as ice-like as possible, in a white-tinted smooth glass with a little chrome edging around the top.

Jimmy Choo Man Blue

Woody, aromatic and leathery, Man Blue from Jimmy Choo was made to bridge the gap between work and play. Top notes of black pepper, clary sage essence and bergamot are mixed with leather, cypress, amber and sandalwood to give this masculine fragrance a casual air that will suit any circumstances. Like the other Man fragrances, this bottle is an oblong with the classic topper, this time in blue-tinted glass.


A fruity-floral fragrance released in 2019, Floral is delicate, light and bright and gives a really subtle and refreshing scent. Top nots of nectarine, tangerine and bergamot, which give this one its sparkle. These are mixed with magnolia, apricot blossom, sweet pea and white musk to give a lively fragrance that won’t fade through the day. Presented in a green tinted, teardrop shaped bottle with a square, chrome edged topper, this fragrance will make your collection look as good as it makes you feel.

The Jimmy Choo brand has released a scent for every occasion and with fresh fragrances already advertised to be released later this year, they are showing no signs of slowing down. Keep up with Jimmy Choo and all your other favourite perfume brands at Perfume Direct, and don’t forget to check out our range of skin care and beauty products while you’re there.


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