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Jolly Holidays - Discount Perfume Sets To See You Through Summer

Jolly Holidays -  Discount Perfume Sets To See You Through Summer

Summer is calling! Days out, nights out and holidays are on the way and we can't wait! What better way to celebrate the summer than something fruity, fresh and fabulous to splash all over? These are our top 3 recommendations for feeling that summer vibe.

The perfume sets here all come with a separate skin care product so you’ll be smelling fresh and looking lively! Using sets like these helps avoid any ugly clashes in fragrance, as they were made to be used together.



Paco Rabanne Lady Million Perfume Set 

This elegant fragrance is long-lasting and has a sweet but lively vibe to it. Perfect for days and nights alike, the fresh and fruity scent will have people wanting to breathe you in as you breeze by. Accompanied by a lotion to soothe your skin and enhance the effect of the perfume, this set doesn't just smell delightful, it looks beautiful. The classic gold packaging and contrasting shapes make this a set we can’t wait to get our hands on.





Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume Set


Light Blue is a fabulous mix of the floral and the fruity. Combining the two, D&G have created a soft and feminine scent with a refreshing, apple-tinted tang. A great every day scent, it’s noticeable without overpowering and has a good reputation for lasting the day out. Perfectly representing the contents, the bottle is a sleek, classic oblong in frosted glass with a bold flash of chrome separating this from a playful, baby-blue lid. This set also includes a body lotion to keep your skin soft and supple and smelling divine.






Prada Candy Florale Perfume Set


The name says it all for this sweet, floral delight. Delicate but sparkling, the light floral scents are paired with warmer, sweeter notes, producing a fragrance bursting with flavour. From every day to every night, this scent is more about personality than circumstance. If you love it, you'll want it all the time. With a body lotion to match, you can sparkle from top to toe. Looking good enough to eat, this set looks like a box of chocolates. Inside, the packaging is an opulent rose pink with the classic shape of the Prada Candy bottles.
Summer is notorious for drying us out, so a pair like this can be super handy, especially in the smaller, handbag-friendly sizes. Get fresh with us and check out our full range of perfume sets.


If it’s just a scent you're after, here are a couple of summery sensations to keep you feeling fresh and fabulous.



Lacoste Touch of Pink




This is a sweet and fruity fragrance with blood orange, jasmine and vanilla notes that give it a playful, feminine air. It’s a light but long-lasting scent and the pretty, fading-pink bottle is classy and compact, perfect for your handbag or your dressing table.






Hugo Boss In Motion


This is a delightfully fruity blend which uses woods and spices to retain a masculine edge. Strong and long-lasting, the citrus really draws you in, leading you to the cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon at the centre. Good for all occasions, the depth of this one will leave people wanting to breathe you in.


With all the events that summer brings, take the chance to try something new.




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