Look After Yourself with These Top Pamper Products

Look After Yourself with These Top Pamper Products

During these strange times, you no doubt find yourself with a lot of spare time on your hands. With working at home all the time and not going out unless it’s for essentials, there’s plenty of extra time to pick up a new hobby or indulge in some quality pamper time.

Social distancing has become the new normal, so it’s important to look after yourself and keep your spirits up. Grab the chance to treat yourself to some luxury cosmetics and spend your free time pampering yourself!

The best pamper products from Clinique

Clinique has long been known for its commitment to skincare, with a variety of products to help you maintain your best self. Alongside our vast perfume collection, we also have a range of Clinique cosmetics. From moisturisers to anti-blemish gels, Clinique is here to help you continue your skincare routine and look after yourself.

Keeping a normal routine is important, even if your days seem to blend together as we make our way through the lockdown period. Your skin is a great place to start; get up each morning and cleanse and moisturise your face with products like the Foaming Sonic Facial Soap and Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel.

Look after your skin

Whether you are in or out of isolation, pampering yourself is an important part of your overall wellbeing. Feeling good in your skin can evoke confidence, while the pampering process can help you to de-stress and give you something to do; which can help you to get through this uncertain period!

There are a huge range of perfume-inspired shower lotions, gels and and creams that have been infused with your favourite scents. This includes brand new fragrances too, like Moschino Toy Boy shower gel for men. With notes of bergamot, rose absolute, sandalwood and amber, leave yourself feeling relaxed and smelling fresh.

As we’re all washing our hands much more frequently, it’s key that you have a quality hand cream to help your hands remain smooth and soft. Yardley hand cream is made from 95% naturally derived ingredients and is paraben free. Using shea butter and natural oils, it can help to fight against tired and ageing hands. Choose from 5 different types, including bluebell, rose, lavender, violet and lily of the valley.

Keep your hair strong and fresh

With not many reasons to leave the house, it’s easy to let your routine slip. However, don’t let your body suffer just because you’re feeling a little lazy! Give your hair the royal treatment and keep it looking fresh while you can’t get to the salon.

Whether your aim is to add shine, repair split ends or simply keep your hair clean, we have a number of hair products from the Tigi Bed Head range for men and women. What’s more, they come in set with both shampoo and conditioner.

The Elasticate shampoo set can help to strengthen your hair, while the Recharge set gives supercharged shine with anti-oxidants and vitamins. There’s also a Tigi Bed Head set for men, designed to provide healthy and protected hair.