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May the 4th: Sci-Fi Inspired Scents

May the 4th: Sci-Fi Inspired Scents

The science fiction genre is a popular one. Everyone has at least one piece of science fiction media they like, whether it’s an easy watch like Star Wars or more tedious like the latest Dune movies. However, it’s what the genre represents that matters. In galaxies far, far away, people can be who they want to be and can achieve whatever they set out to do. It is in this spirit that we are compiling a list of sci-fi scents - to showcase and celebrate this diversity. 

Your Scent Can Tell A Story

When you wear a fragrance, whether it’s a popular celebrity perfume or a zodiac-inspired perfume, it tells a story of who you are and perhaps even who you want to be. Your scent is an extension of yourself and wearing a fragrance invites people into your space. Think of it as a force field (or even an aura) that attracts and repels people, influencing how you are perceived - kind of like a Jedi (or a Sith, for those of you on the Dark Side) is perceived through the force.

A Perfume That Has Stood The Test Of Time

Some fragrances are timeless. If you got your hands on a time machine and went back a hundred years, you would probably find one of the world’s most famous perfumes on the shelves of the most exclusive boutiques -  Chanel No. 5. While not directly inspired by or related to the sci-fi genre, this perfume has an elegant quality that can transport you to a different time (no Dolorean or suspicious hot tub required). That makes you think - will any of the fragrances we mention below still exist in a hundred years? Only time will tell.

A List Of Sci Fi Scents You Need To Try

Science fiction is a very broad genre. It can stretch from having a subtle beauty like Interstellar, or it can be a more bold spectacle like The Matrix. The same is true for perfumes. The scents below appeal to a wide range of people, but remember - it’s your story and you choose how you want to tell it.


  • Calvin Klein - Eternity Eau De Toilette: A timeless classic that encapsulates the infinite, much like the vast expanse of space. The refreshing and crisp fragrance embodies the spirit of adventure that is often associated with sci-fi, with each note slowly revealing itself like a new form of life being discovered by a wayward starship crew in a remote star system.


  • Ariana Grande - Moonlight Eau De Parfum: The line between science fiction and fantasy is paper thin. Moonlight is a fragrance that dances on that line and sways from one side to the other, capturing the more whimsical side of both with its unusual notes of plum, blackcurrant, marshmallow, and peony. 


  • Gucci - Memoire D'une Odeur Eau De Parfum: Perhaps one of the most appropriately named fragrances on our sci-fi perfume list (if you didn’t catch that, we’re talking about Dune), this fragrance defies categorisation. It features a subtle blend of different notes that both complement and contradict each other, like finding life in the middle of a harsh desert. 


  • Thierry Mugler - Alien: One of our personal favourites, this fragrance embodies the otherworldly and the unique. Alien’s perfume notes are surprisingly warm and sweet, two attributes one would not necessarily associate with an alien (except, perhaps, Yoda). 


  • House Of Oud - Up To The Moon: This fruity and floral fragrance has a retro-futuristic feel to it, from the strange egg-shaped bottle to the scent itself. One spritz of this and one could almost imagine oneself being transported to an earlier time where everything seems homey and wonderful, but a sense of mystery and curiosity bubbles just beneath the surface.


This Is Where The Fun Begins

It’s time for you to set out and tell your own story with your fragrance. Whether you see yourself as a Leia or a Luke (or a C-3PO), it is important to express yourself and embrace your unique identity. You don’t even have to travel to a different galaxy to do it!

From all of us at Perfume Direct: May the 4th (and the force) be with you!

You Might Be Interested In These Commonly Asked Questions

How do I choose a sci-fi perfume that suits me?

  • The beauty of choosing a fragrance is that you can choose more than one scent or even layer fragrances to get the perfect scent for you. It’s about self-discovery - try out different perfumes and see which ones you like most. Even though fragrances tend to be marketed towards certain people, don’t be afraid to ignore those labels and just get the perfume or aftershave you like!

What are some iconic fragrances inspired by science fiction?

  • Mentioned in our list above, Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume range is one of the most iconic sci-fi fragrance selections out there. The genre inspiration can be seen in the unique bottle shapes and colours, giving the scents a strong visual component in addition to their olfactory appeal.

What perfume should I wear to my next convention?

  • Anything you want, as long as you get it from Perfume Direct! That being said, we recommend matching your perfume to your outfit. If you are cosplaying as a particular character, try to imagine what that character would wear and try it out for yourself. You can also go with a “safe” choice (i.e. something you wear every day) if you are not the adventurous type.


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