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Men's Edit: Nice n' Spicy

Men's Edit: Nice n' Spicy

Spring is here, with its delightful mix of blazing sunshine and biting wind to keep us all on our toes, and with it comes the opportunity to update your scent. While you’ve been busy debating between wearing your woollies or your shorts, we’ve put together a few bits and bobs to keep you (or the partner in your life) feeling both warm and refreshed. Beginning with the fragrances, we also have some fantastic skin care products to keep the lads soft and smooth in all the right places. 


Calvin Klein – Escape 

This woody aromatic fragrance was released in 1993 and has a fresh and spicy scent that is perfect for spring running all the way through it. Top notes of melon, eucalyptus, mango, grapefruit, juniper and bergamot give a fruity but earthy opening, while the mid notes of cypress, fir, sage, rosemary, birch and sea notes bring a light woody and spicy air. The base of sandalwood, oak moss, vetiver, amber and patchouli lays the foundation for that spicy zing. 

Presented in a cylindrical, frosted bottle with a matt silver lid, this is a classy scent with a spicy edge.  

D & G – The One 

This is a hot one! Released in 2008, The One, from D & G, is a woody, spicy fragrance with a deliciously warm scent. Top notes of grapefruit, coriander and basil give an exciting and spicy beginning, and the ginger, cardamom and orange blossom give it a sweet, warm centre. The base of amber, tobacco and cedar lends a woody depth and a very masculine air. Presented in a classic oblong bottle in clear glass, the dark amber liquid is clearly visible. The chunky black, clean-cut square topper gives the last touch of class to this bottle. 

Viktor & Rolf – Spicebomb Men’s Aftershave gift set 

The clue is in the name! Released in 2012, this is a woody, spicy scent with a distinctly oriental flavour to it. Top notes of pink pepper, elemi, bergamot and grapefruit give a subtle hint at what is to come. The mid notes of cinnamon, saffron and paprika are where all the action is at with this fragrance, as they give a warm and pleasantly spicy aroma. The base of tobacco, leather and vetiver makes this a manly scent with undeniable warmth and depth. This gift set includes a 90ml EDT spray and a 20ml miniature. 

This bottle really stands out among its peers, as it looks like a hand grenade in smoky black glass. The logo is printed on the middle band but is hardly necessary on such an easily recognisable bottle. 

Davidoff – Hot Water EDT Men’s Aftershave 

Launched in 2009, this fragrance has a great reputation for its scent and for longevity. A spicy, amber fragrance, it draws on some of the same fresh notes as its sibling, like the fresh spicy and green notes, but combines them with amber, basil and pimento to give an entirely different scent. Mid notes of paprika and patchouli also help seal the heat in this fragrance, and the base of benzoin and styrax softens it down with a hint of sweetness.  

This scent is presented in a striking and bold red bottle, oblong with lines cut in like a fire brick. 

David Beckham – Beyond 

Released in 2015, this woody, spicy fragrance has a sparkle to it, thanks to the mojito and grapefruit in the top notes. Joined by the aromatic, spicy scent of cardamom, the opening is fresh and vaguely fruity, as well. Mid notes of black pepper, cedar and geranium bring more spice but with a softer edge. The base of vanilla, patchouli and leather is bold, masculine and deep. 

This square bottle in smoky glass has rounded corners and a chunky, matching lid. The embellished pattern around the bottom gives it a sporty look without taking away from its elegant design. 

YSL – Body Kouros EDT 

Sweet, warm and spicy, this little gift hit the shelves in the year 2000! Top notes of eucalyptus and incense drive the warmth, while the mid notes of Chinese cedar and clary sage carry the spicy scent. The base of benzoin gives a soft, sweet and vanilla-like flavour at the heart. This is often described as a unique fragrance, being both sweet and masculine, but it is a very popular on and has been with us for over two decades now. 

This bottle looks like a test tube in a sleeve, with clear glass visible top and bottom and a thick, smooth, matt black plastic band around the middle. Finished with printed logos and a chunky black topper, this is beautifully presented.   


Skin Care 

Nivea Men – Match Day 8 Piece Gift Set 

This has everything a man could want for any occasion he faces. Including a shower gel, face wash, shampoo, deodorant, shower cream and lip balm for soft and protected skin, as well as a bottle opener and a handy Nivea tin to keep it in, this makes a great gift for any bloke, even if he gets it for himself.   

Versace – Man Au Fraiche Gift Set 

This is a woody, aquatic fragrance with a fresh, spicy scent. Released in 2006, it has top notes of lemon, bergamot, carambola, cardamom and Brazilian rosewood laid over mid notes of cedar, pepper, tarragon and sage. This sweet and spicy ensemble is laid over musk, woody notes, saffron, amber and sycamore, which calm it down and bring that masculine edge. 

We have 2 gift sets available in this fragrance: one which contains a 100ml spray alongside a toiletry pouch and a 10ml miniature, and one with a 50ml EDT, a 50ml shower gel and a 50ml aftershave balm. 


These sets and many more are available through our website, all with massive discounts applied as standard and many available in offers or under discount codes, too. Signing up for our emails is a great way to keep yourself ahead of our offers and discounts, so take full advantage and see exactly what we have to offer each month. 


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