Most Extravagant Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Most Extravagant Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day, which means you’re probably looking for the perfect gift to show her your appreciation. It’s the perfect occasion to treat your mum and express your love for everything she does.

We often treat our mums to a nice meal at a restaurant, a beautiful perfume or maybe perhaps a spa day. However, the celebrities of the world often take it a step further than that. Here we take a fun look at the some of the most extravagant gifts that the top celebs have bought in the past for their loved ones; just in case it gives you some aspirations for future Mother’s Day gifts!

Gifts that celebrities bought for their mums

Over the years, celebrities have bought their mums lavish gifts; ones that we could probably only dream of!

Kylie Jenner, who has recently just been named as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, bought Kris Jenner a Ferrari for her birthday. The car was reportedly worth around $250,000! Kylie documented the gifting on her Instagram story, which showed Kris looking completely shocked.

It just goes to show that even if you have all the money in the world, you can still surprise your mum!

Continuing with the Kardashian clan, Kim bought her mum a complete set of Tiffany & Co luggage for Christmas. Designed in the trademark colour, there was a huge range of sizes which are no doubt perfect for their luxury holidays.

Many celebrities have bought their mum a house in recent years. Cardi B and Dwayne Johnson were the most recent, surprising their mums with house keys around Christmas time last year.


There are, of course, some things that money can’t buy; although they still make for impressive gifts! Taylor Swift once wrote a song about her mum and released it as a single. She created a compilation of home videos to go with it and played it to her mum on Christmas Day!

Gifts that celebrity couples bought for each other

Celebrity couples buying gifts for each other is where it can get really out of hand! Many couples choose to really spoil each other at Christmas and for birthdays; clearly there is no budget set for these guys!

For her birthday, Kanye West bought Kim a completely custom Hermes Birkin bag. Birkin bags are incredibly rare and expensive, and even more so when they’ve been custom painted. Kim actually owns two; one painted by her daughter, and another by artist George Condo.

Beyonce bought Jay Z a Bombardier Challenger jet for Father’s Day, which featured 16 seats, living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms!

However, if you’re hoping to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day this year and you don’t quite have the budget of Kylie Jenner or The Rock, why not consider buying new perfume for your mum?

Perfume is a luxurious and beautiful gift for your mum, without needing to take out a loan to buy it! Check out our extensive collection of women’s perfume to find the perfect match for your mum this Mother’s Day.