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New Year, New Fragrance

New Year, New Fragrance

As the New Year rolls in, what better way to start it off than to change up your go-to fragrance? A new scent is a simple yet brilliant way to feel reinvigorated and positive about yourself. We've outlined some of our newest products just for you and wanted to give you a little more information about each one so you can find what's going to best suit the new 2019 you!

First up, For Her:

  • Dior J'adore is a legendary perfume that was launched in 1999 and hasn't diminished in popularity for a single day since. Lauded as “an ode to sensuality and beauty, to women, their audacity”, J'adore is an opulent and powerful symbol of femininity. The fragrance accentuates freshness with its strong floral-fruity notes that include magnolia, peach, orchid, jasmine, vanilla and blackberry. Sounds like the perfect fresh start.


  • Jo Malone's Red Roses offers up another bouquet-fresh revitalization with its voluptuous blend of seven of the world's most exquisite roses. The roses combine notes that range from fruity and citrusy to green and spicy into a fragrance with a rich and velvety character...all whilst remaining surprisingly clean and sheer. Another recommendation for a perfume that would go hand-in-hand with your January detox.


  • Finally Armani Because It's You, with its ethos of open-wound honesty, integrity and romance, seemed to us to be a perfect fit for anyone making resolutions and important changes. Giorgio Armani himself said, “There can be nothing without love. When you wake up in the morning, you need to know that somebody else is waking up, thinking of you", and this perfume is inspired by his personal love story. Because It's You is a sparkling and delicious fresh scent offering up that same irresistible feeling that new love brings. With notes of raspberry, neroli, rose absolute and vanilla, this passionate and sophisticated scent could see new things on the horizon for you! 

Now, For Him:

  • Paco Rabanne Pure XS promises to be vibrant and magnetic, skin shivering and desirous...basically the man you want to be in 2019! The oriental aftershave is composed of two accords that contrast and harmonize like hot and cold. Pure XS is intended to represent excess in it's purest state combining the freshness of ginger, the smoldering sensuality of cinnamon and the power of vanilla and leather into a deep and sexual fragrance. Sounds slightly little more accessible than a new rigorous gym routine anyway.


  • Nuit D'Issey, by our favourite Japanese designer Issey Miyake is a mysterious woody-spicy fragrance which promises to stay by your side all year as a very wearable all-rounder. The scent is intended to be reminiscent of the night and is sharp and crisp in its zesty top notes, curious in its heart of leather and spices, and rich in its base of tonka bean, patchouli and ebony tree. Like all things Issey Miyake, the aftershave is a stoic and hypnotic ode to powerful, yet quiet natural beauty.


  • Last, but not least is Dior Fahrenheit, a truly modern and revolutionary fragrance designed to push limits and redefine the meaning of manhood. Fahrenheit struck us as perfect start to the New Year given its being heralded as a turning point for perfumery. A chance for new beginnings. With notes of mandarin, sueded, coriander, cumin and bourbon vanilla, the aftershave is nothing if not unique in its oriental and irresistible rhythm.


 Happy New Year everyone, now let's get this off to a proper fresh start!


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