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Old vs. New

Old vs. New

People have been wearing specially made scents for centuries and that means todays fragrances come from a good deal of knowledge and dedication to an art that has been refined and improved upon countless times. The steady flow of improvements has given us ranges today which use every scent imaginable (and using some ingredients you probably wouldn’t guess in a million years).

Many of our contemporary favourites come from brands with decades of experience in perfumery. This comparison will take a cheeky peek at some classic perfumes and pit them against their contemporary competition from the same brand.

Calvin Klein

Bringing out their first fragrance in 1981, Calvin Klein have 40 years of perfumery to their name and the size of the range they offer is a testament to this. We have three comparisons from Calvin Klein; CK1 vs CK2, and Euphoria vs Eternity in both the men’s and women's fragrances – all of which are available in our own range of discount perfumes.

CK1 vs CK2

With 2 decades between them, this pair of unisex siblings share some similarities but each has its own distinctive scent.

Released in 1994, CK1 is a classic with a stellar reputation. Its fresh, crisp scent is bold and floral with a fruity air that gives it a delicate sweetness. It lasts all day, making it a great value fragrance, and the packaging, the now-iconic frosted glass bottle, is as classy and androgynous as the contents.


CK2 didn't appear in the fragrance collection until 2016, 22 years after its sibling, and is aimed at an entirely different audience: the generation known as “millennials".

Although it shares the citrus and wood notes of CK1, the opening notes of violet leaf, mandarin and pear gives CK2 a delightful darkness on its edge, hinting at hidden depths.

A moderate laster, a miniature you can keep handy to top up might be a good idea.

The bottle has all the class we've come to expect from CK and comes in a stand so the bottle can be kept either way up.

Eternity for Women vs Euphoria for Women

Released way back in 1988, Eternity is not just a classic, it’s one of the oldest in the CK perfume range, while Euphoria came 17 years later, making its debut in 2005.

Eternity is a classy and elegant fragrance, with soft yet distinctive scents like sage, freesia and citrus laid over spicy notes like patchouli and heliotrope to give a warmer tone to it. The clear glass bottle with its oversized chrome topper is a sleek and chic container, fitting for such a timeless classic.

Euphoria is another dark and spicy delight and this bottle advertises it, with rounded chrome around the bottom and tinted violet glass between the bottom and a sharply square chrome top.

The scent is opulent and luxurious. A heavy mix of exotic fruits and florals like orchid, lotus, passion fruit and raspberry are combined with amber, musk and mahogany to create a scent with depth that will last the say out, no top-ups necessary.


Eternity for Men vs Euphoria for Men

2 years younger than its sister fragrance, Eternity for men came in 1990, while Euphoria for men came 16 years later in 2006, just 1 year after its sister appeared

Eternity is a fresh, masculine scent, often described as an “aromatic fougere” fragrance, which means it is fern-like.

The top notes of lavender, lemon and bergamot give a powerful opening which softens to reveal soft herbs and fruits.

This one will last all day but if you crave the kick of those top notes, you'll definitely need a top up.

The packaging is similar to the women's fragrance but with a sturdier shape and topper.

Euphoria for men is a dark and spicy number, with herbs and spices galore.

Top notes of ginger and pepper give a powerful opening kick alone, but backed by basil, sage and patchouli they really pack a punch and give a warm scent that lasts the whole day.

The bottle is a grey-tinted, soft-cornered square with a chrome surround and oozes class and urban masculinity.


Hugo Boss

Fashion giants Hugo Boss brought out their debut fragrance in 1985 and have churned out over a hundred more since then, including those listed here.

Boss Bottled for Men vs Boss Bottled Tonic for Men

Created in 1998, Boss Bottled has remained a popular fragrance for almost 25 now. Its younger sibling wasn’t released until 2017, almost 2 decades after the original in the range.

Boss Bottled for men is a woody, spicy scent that has freshness as well as warmth.

Top notes of apple and citrus give the tangy freshness while the base of sandalwood, cedar and olive tree keep it warm and the cinnamon mid-notes add that spicy edge.

The bottle is the iconic rounded, embossed bottle with a matte silver base and lid and clear glass showing off fresh, sage green contents.


Boss Bottled Tonic for men kept many features of the original, with its woody, spicy base, but this has a crisper, sharper tang with the mix of apple, bitter orange, grapefruit and lemon top notes.

Another with a good reputation for lasting all day, although it is newer, it has remained consistently popular since its release.

The bottle is the classic shape, this time with fresh, bright blue contents on show.


Just like any other industries, and especially those concerned with public interest, fragrances experience trends and fashions, and while some slip through the cracks to be forgotten, other have brought some iconic scents and packaging to the market at times.

Packaging can be of particular focus for companies who already thrive off an industry based on aesthetics, like the fashion industry is, and in some cases the packaging can become as iconic and noteworthy as the perfume it contained, like Jean-Paul Gaultier and the body-shaped bottles now synonymous with their brand.

Step out of your comfort zone and try something different, whether it’s an oldie or a newbie, it might just be the one for you.




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