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Fragrance Notes That Remind Us Of Summer Vacations

Fragrance Notes That Remind Us Of Summer Vacations

Summer is one of the most loved seasons of the year. A time that typically brings warmer weather, longer days and plenty of social events. As we sneak our way into the summer season, we’ve picked out some of our favourite perfume notes that provide us with a nostalgic reminder of summer’s past and our favourite summer vacations. Whether these notes whisk you away to heavenly beaches in the Caribbean or remind you of a summer spent swimming off the coast of Italy, each one provides a hint of that special summer feeling.

 1. Coconut

Coconut is the original scent of summer. Reminding us of the sweet scent of suncream our parents used to lather us in on the sandy beaches, or the tropical beach destination so many of us dream of visiting. Coconut seems an exclusively summer scent and is the perfect perfume note to provide a light, airy, yet sweet and fresh perfume that can be worn all summer long.

One of our favourite perfumes, with the richness of coconut milk as a base note, is  Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. We can simply describe it as ‘summer in a bottle’.

Tom Ford Unisex Perfume Tom Ford Soleil de Feu Eau de Parfum Unisex Fragrance Spray (30ml, 50ml)

 2. Citrus, Bergamot, Lemon

Fresh, fruity and so delicious, citrus scents are some of the first to whisk us to shores far far away. Fruits such as lemon, tangerine and lime are reminiscent of the fruit trees found lined across the Mediterranean coastline and the sweetness of traditional summer desserts such as lemon sorbet, citrus pavlovas, and meringue tarts. A light combination of such notes in a perfume makes for a summer perfume that can be worn on the beach in the day and at restaurants in the evening.

We recommend trying Valentino’s Donna Born In Roma Yellow Dream, with its top note of lemon combined with white musk and rose, this scent is inspired by the culture and aesthetic of Rome and is ideal for the summer season.

 3. Tuberose

For those who prefer floral perfumes, tuberose is a popular note that brings a sense of warmth yet sweet and exotic scent. Similar to that of lilies, tuberose is a classic summer flower and provides a familiar summer scent when used within perfumes and fragrances. While slightly more powerful than other notes mentioned in our list, it is a great one for a seductive evening scent on hot summer nights.

One of our favourite tuberose perfumes includes the iconic Gucci Bloom, which is much lighter than other tuberose scented fragrances, however it’s certainly unique.

4.    Freesia

While freesia is technically a floral scent, many often compare it to something lighter like a berry or fruit. Giving it its place on our list. Freesia can be found in a wide variety of fragranced goods, and not just perfumes. It is popularly used in other body products such as soap and lotion. Its light and airy scent makes it a popular choice for summer fragrances. A beloved perfume which features a note of freesia is the fan favourite HUGO BOSS The Scent Eau De Parfum

5.    Summer Fruits

Saving the fruitiest until last, summer fruits are a hit when it comes to summer fragrances. Many perfume and fragrance fans will save their fruitiest fragrances for their summer getaways. Treasuring their sweet and nostalgic scents.

Summer fruits such as mango, strawberry and peach are classic sweet choices, while berries such as blackberries and raspberries provide something more sharp. Our top picks for summer fruity scents include Jimmy Choo I Want Choo, which includes hints of peach, and Daisy Eau So Sweet by Marc Jacobs which features notes of both raspberry and blackberry.



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