We all love that feeling of freshness when we first set out on our day and keeping that all day is the aim of our game. Scents that don’t stay the day can be a real disappointment, so this is a list of staying-power superheroes to help you stay fresher for longer.

Illicit Flower – Jimmy Choo

This fruity, floral gem has a great reputation already and unlike many brand-families, it feels like a whole different experience to its sister scent, Illicit. Although it is a sweet scent, it has a deep floral centre and a fruity, tangy edge, too, giving it vibrance and body. Apricot and mandarin with rose, grapefruit flower and jasmine are laid over musk and sandalwood to create a whole range of aromas.


Vanderbilt – Gloria Vanderbilt

This classis scent was first released in 1982 and has remained a popular choice ever since. A soft, fruity and floral scent, it has an oriental air that comes from the jasmine, ylang ylang and orange blossom and a sweet tang lavender, bergamot and pineapple top notes. This one has earned its place here, with almost 30 years of popular use.




L’eau D’Issey – Pour Homme

Another classic scent here, this one has been around since 1992 and is a classic with good reason. A rich and fresh aroma with tried and tested staying power, this one is more than deserving of a lace on this list. A mix of delicate aquatic and floral notes laid over exotic woods and amber give this scent the depth to go the distance.



My Way – Giorgio Armani 

This latest addition to the Armani fragrance family is a sweet treat with unexpected dimensions. Top notes of orange blossom and vanilla give the initial taste a sweet burst while the Indian tuberose and jasmine give a beautiful floral aura. A base of cedarwood, vanilla and white musks makes the perfect blend here, and helps that scent really stick around.



Balmain Homme – Pierre Balmain

A strong and masculine scent, this amber and wood centred fragrance is distinctive and distinguished and will stay that way all day. Top notes of saffron, nutmeg and bergamot give a bright, herby edge to the deep base of cedar and moss and the violet leaf and amber centre. It’s fairly new, released in 2015, but already has a stellar reputation.

These are just a few of the strongest contenders and your favourite isn’t here and you want it to last longer see our tips to make your scent stay the day article and try some of the tips from there.