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Smell The Rainbow: 11 Different Scents, 11 Different Bottle Colours

Smell The Rainbow: 11 Different Scents, 11 Different Bottle Colours

Pride Month is a time of celebration. For some people, it’s simply about colourful flags and rainbow scents. But the arguably most important aspect is that it fosters visibility and solidarity within the LGBTQIA+ community and gives marginalised voices a chance to speak up and advocate for equal rights and inclusivity. Another important note is that the month is not just for those with queer identities, but also their allies outside of the community who are encouraged to engage, learn, and support the ongoing struggle for equality and acceptance.

This article is meant to be something fun for Pride Month. We want to showcase some of the amazing scents in our online perfume store by pairing them with the colours of the Pride Flag. However, we do recognise that these colours represent far more than just cool aesthetics, which is why we’ll kick things off with a brief explainer on why we chose the colours you’ll see and why it’s not just an arbitrary visual spectacle.

Doesn’t A Rainbow Only Have 6 - 7 Colours? 

We have previously written about the fluidity in identity (and how one can capture that essence with a fragrance). The same principles apply to the Pride Flag itself. Instead of a single, fixed visual identity or design, the flag is constantly evolving and changing to be more inclusive and to better reflect the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

From a scientific standpoint, there are far more than 6 or 7 colours in the rainbow. It is, in fact, a very large spectrum that only appears as narrow bands due to the physical limitations of our eyes and the ways our brains process light (i.e. visual information). But this clinical view of the rainbow is besides the point. What truly matters is what the rainbow represents.

The Pride Flag has a long and interesting history. It originally had 8 colours, which were then cut down to 6 due to the rarity of certain dyes used in its production (specifically, pink and turquoise). So it didn’t even start as the strictly defined set of 7 colours that were first popularised by Isaac Newton and his prism experiment. Many colours have been added and subsequently removed over the years, with only 6 of the original colours remaining constant. The most popular current iteration of the flag (known as the Progress Pride Flag, designed by Daniel Quasar in 2018) has 11 colours, with a chevron design to showcase diversity and be more inclusive without erasing the history of the flag’s origin. We will cover these 11 colours in the next section with a bottle colour (and fragrance) that corresponds to each colour of the flag.

A Fragrance For Every Colour On The Progress Pride Flag

The fragrances below represent a wide variety of fragrance notes and different tastes. Some are masculine, some are feminine, and some are unisex. Whichever one you choose, we support you. If you need a little extra help in that department, you can take a quick look at our handy perfume guide

  • Red: Hugo Boss Deep Red EDP
  • Orange: Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDT
  • Yellow: Moschino Femme EDT
  • Green: Ralph Lauren Polo EDT
  • Indigo John Varvatos XX Indigo EDT
  • Violet: Versace Dylan Purple Pour Femme EDP
  • White: Michael Kors White Luminous Gold EDP
  • Soft Pink: Grès Cabotine Rose EDT
  • Baby Blue: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense EDP
  • Brown: Mont Blanc Legend Night EDP
  • Black: YSL Black Opium Extreme EDP

  • Happy Pride Month!

    Unlike some other companies, Perfume Direct has always been supportive of the queer community, even outside Pride Month (so we’re not just doing Pride-themed stuff to tick a box that will be put back in the closet in July). We are long-term allies to the community and we firmly believe that people should be allowed to celebrate themselves and who they are. 

    Celebrate Pride Month with us and get your rainbow-themed scents at Perfume Direct. Even if bright colours and provocative scents aren’t your thing, we have what you need to celebrate YOU, whether you are looking for traditionally masculine or feminine scents, or if you’re shopping for the best unisex perfumes.

    You Might Be Interested In These Commonly Asked Questions

    What is the best way to find a signature scent?

    • To find your signature scent, start by exploring different fragrance families such as floral, woody, or citrus to discover what truly resonates with you. Sample various scents and apply them to your skin, since body chemistry can significantly influence how a perfume smells. Pay attention to how the fragrance develops over time, noting your preference for lighter or more robust scents. Consider the occasions and seasons you intend to wear the perfume to ensure it complements your lifestyle.

    What is the best fragrance to wear to Pride?

    • For Pride, opt for a fragrance that feels empowering and festive, reflecting the vibrant energy of the event. Bright, bold citrus or floral notes can express joy and exuberance, while a hint of spice might add a unique twist. Alternatively, wearing a scent that boosts your confidence and resonates with your identity can make the day even more special. Choose something that makes you feel proud and true to yourself, even if it’s unconventional (or too conventional).

    What does a rainbow symbolise?

    • A rainbow symbolises diversity, inclusivity, and hope. It's often seen as a sign of new beginnings and peace, appearing after a storm when the sun begins to shine through the rain. In many cultures, rainbows are considered magical, bridging the gap between the earthly and the divine. For the LGBTQIA+ community, the rainbow flag proudly represents the spectrum of human identities and the freedom to express oneself fully.

    Can anyone wear perfume?

    • Absolutely. Perfume is for everyone! Choosing to wear a fragrance is a personal expression and not bound by gender, age, or any other characteristic. It's all about finding a scent that you connect with and that brings you joy and confidence. Whether subtle or bold, there is a fragrance out there that is the perfect match for your individual sense of style and personality.


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