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5 Fragrances Worth Trying for Autumn

5 Fragrances Worth Trying for Autumn

With the seasons quickly changing and autumn nearly upon us, it’s the perfect time to update your choices in clothing, home décor and, you guessed it, fragrances. Just as you would swap your summer clothes for warmer, drier items, it’s the norm to also switch your fragrances to match the upcoming season. Light floral and citrus scents will quickly start to give way to warmer and more comforting fragrances, and you’ll start to notice a shift towards notes such as vanilla, nutmeg, jasmine and amber. 

Autumnal fragrances are a great way to get excited about the new season, instead of feeling sad that summer has finally ended. Embrace the changing colour of the leaves, grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte and check out these fragrances worth trying for autumn. 

Ombre Leather by Tom Ford 

Nothing says autumn like a warm, earthy and even spicy fragrance like Ombre Leather by Tom Ford. Signifying a key shift in fragrance seasonality, Ombre Leather is a sensual and almost tactile scent, with a perfect blend of rich and floral notes. 

Opening with cardamom and leather, the floral undertones of jasmine sambac offer a unique edge to this otherwise bold fragrance. Combined with patchouli, vetiver and amber, it’s a scent that has continued to be a popular autumnal, winter and evening scent for both men and women. The notes work perfectly together to create a cosy, elegant and unforgettable perfume. 


My Way by Armani 


Women’s autumnal fragrances are often balanced with floral and woody notes, allowing for a soft but impactful, long-lasting scent. My Way by Armani is a great example of this, offering a primarily floral scent with a seasonal twist. 

Opening with bergamot and orange blossom, the heart of the fragrance turns into a bouquet of tuberose and jasmine for a richer scent, before finishing on a base of cedarwood, vanilla and white musk. The combination of these notes results in a contemporary, velvety scent that’s perfect for any occasion. 


Luna Rossa Ocean by Prada 


One of the newest aftershaves for men, Luna Rossa Ocean by Prada, bends the rules when it comes to autumnal scents by creating an aromatic fragrance with citrus and floral notes. Bringing together bergamot, pink pepper, lavender and sage, Luna Rossa Ocean has a unique scent that is lively but clean. 

The aftershave has a woody, sweet base of patchouli, vetiver and caramel, creating a masculine, addictive scent that has the right balance for the season ahead. 


Sauvage by Dior 


For a timeless fragrance that has the most suited combination of notes for the autumn and even winter, Dior Sauvage is the one. This aftershave has continued to be a popular choice year after year, with the Eau de Parfum revealing natural ingredients that will stand the test of time. 

Opening with bergamot and lavender, Sauvage quickly moves into a spicier heart with Sichuan pepper, star anise and nutmeg. With a base of amber and vanilla, this aftershave takes advantage of some of the must-have scents in one stylish bottle. 


Velvet Rose & Oud by Jo Malone  


Jo Malone is known for opulent fragrances that work for both men and women, and Velvet Rose & Oud is an absolute must for the autumn season. Rich, spicy, warm and just a little bit sweet, this fragrance adds something special to your collection. 

Opening with cloves for an instant richness, the heart of this fragrance is a Damask rose that has a floral, sweet scent that balances the spices. With a base of oud, the fragrance has a rich and intense finish for the ultimate seasonal scent. 


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