Spring Getaways & The Perfumes To Match

Spring Getaways & The Perfumes To Match

Now that spring has finally started to make an appearance it’s inevitable that most people will start planning exciting trips and holidays. When you’ve decided on which destinations you want to visit, whether you are going on a city break or a relaxing beach holiday, it is important to think about which fragrances you want to take with you.

Just like clothes, the scent you wear can have a huge impact on the way you feel and you definitely want this to reflect where you are going and the type of holiday you desire.

A spring getaway can mean so many different things to different people. You might be going on holiday to relax, to blow off some steam with a wild week partying or to explore somewhere you have always dreamt of visiting. 

Beach Break

For a carefree relaxing beach holiday, in somewhere like Santorini, a calming fresh scent with tones of Lavender can be great for helping you unwind and leave your stresses at home. The last thing you want to do is start thinking of work as soon as you hit the beach. Once you have de-stressed from your daily life worries something citrusy like, Tommy Hilfiger Citrus Brights, could be perfect for helping you feel revitalised. However, if you are going away for more of a party holiday, something fruity could be just the ticket to help give you energy and bring out your wild side. Paco Rabanne Lady Million is a fantastic choice if you are attending a night out or glamorous party.

City Break

If you are planning a city break to somewhere such as Copenhagen or Prague, something floral such as Gucci Bloom, that is subtle and oozes sophistication, could be ideal. Floral scents are always a go-to choice for channelling the classic refreshing spring scent. However, if you are visiting somewhere like Paris and would like something a bit more unusual for this time of year, why not opt for something with caramel and sweet notes, such as Tom Ford Noir, to help create a sultry and sexy vibe to match the city of love.

On The Continent

If you love following traditions of your holiday destinations, choosing a fragrance that has hints of their national fruits or flowers could be for you. If you are heading to Sicily, something citrus based with lemon undertones, such as Joop! Homme, will certainly help get you into the Italian festivities. If you are jetting off to Vienna, why not try DKNY Be Tempted? This fruity scent has undertones of apples which are Austria’s national fruit and will definitely help get you excited for your trip.

There are so many different scents that can capture spring in a bottle but why not go even further by trying to embody how you would like your holiday to go or to help get you into the holiday spirit. You would be surprised at how much your perfume can change your mind-set and mood.