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Tackling The David Beckham Fragrance Range

Tackling The David Beckham Fragrance Range

David Beckham - The Legend

The legend that is David Beckham rose to fame in the nineties after becoming one of the most successful footballers in the world and has since transformed himself into a lucrative brand. Over the years, the superstar has released popular clothing lines, well-received skincare collections and an impressive range of fragrances. He is now known for being a style icon, trendsetter, family man and a global phenomenon.  If you’re wondering which aftershave David Beckham himself wears, it has been reported that he enjoys the Creed range the most (to the point where his name is almost synonymous with the brand).

What is the best David Beckham perfume? That's a tough question to answer, but we’ll look at some of his fragrances below.

The First Fragrance

In 2005, Beckham released his first fragrance, Instinct, with Coty, the maker of Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs perfumes. The refreshing and sweet scent, which contains a blend of fresh citruses such as grapefruit and bergamot, is perfect for summer. The contrast between the smooth zesty tones and the warmth of the star anise, red pimento and the seductiveness of the white amber and vetiver conjures an exceptionally sophisticated smell. Instinct, which was designed to symbolise Beckham’s bold and vibrant personality, is ideal for everyday wear and can be used for both day and night. Even though this product was made over a decade ago, it is a timeless scent that will never go out of style.

David Beckham - Homme

One of Beckham’s most-loved fragrances, Homme, was launched in 2011 and designed to capture the elegant and masculine style of the A-lister. The scent opens with a fresh concoction of ginger, pine, citruses and spicy pepper, which is then followed by a mixture of cashmere, leather and rosemary. The powerful fragrance is completed with a base of mahogany wood, skin musk and patchouli.

Expanding His Collection

Beckham expanded his fragrance line in 2012 with The Essence, which was designed to capture his adventurous spirit. This scent is to be worn with confidence as it is extremely sexy, energetic and refreshing due to a delicious combination of wild ingredients such as grapefruit, lavender, cardamom, cashmeran and patchouli.  This aftershave is a perfect finishing touch to complete a timeless look.

The daring fragrance, Classic, was released in 2013 and was created with a blend of exciting top notes of gin and tonic, lime, mint and amber. The scent, which would definitely help you leave a lasting impression and get you heaps of compliments, was described as a ‘modern classic’ by Beckham himself.

David Beckham Beyond

Beyond Beckham

In 2015 Beckham released one of his most popular fragrances, Beyond. This luxurious scent exudes the elegance and sophistication that the brand embodies with refreshing notes of mojito and grapefruit, making it another great choice for the hotter seasons of the year. However, the zesty tones are then followed by warmer notes of patchouli and hints of masculine leather, which balances out the citruses so that it smells clean and fresh. The contemporary scent, which was designed to capture the daring and strongminded essence of Beckham, is extremely long-lasting and ideal for a smart casual occasion.

Commanding Respect

In 2017, the woody and aromatic fragrance, Respect, was released. The title of this intoxicating perfume was given as a distinctive symbolism for modern gentlemen and to represent the values of Beckham himself. The spicy scent contains a concoction of vetiver, pink pepper and oakmoss which are contrasted with a variety of sweet ingredients such as watermelon, basil, lavender and a hint of cardamom.  This musky aftershave works for a variety of occasions but would be best for a night out on the town as it would definitely give you a boost of confidence and help you stand out from the crowd.

Beckham’s fresh and stylish scents have changed the game when it comes to men's new fragrances, male grooming, and self-care by introducing a line of irresistible fragrances that gives anybody the opportunity to embody the icon’s best qualities. His range of scents has explored every aspect of his personality, talents, and values, making it easy for anyone to achieve the world’s best-groomed man status.

The full David Beckham Fragrance range is available at Perfume Direct.

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