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The Best His & Her Fragrances 2019

The Best His & Her Fragrances 2019

With Valentine's Day fast approaching (DING! Gift Ideas) and because it's 2019 where men and women ARE equal...we've compiled a list of His & Her fragrances! Whilst we've already touched on non-gendered fragrances with Tom Ford, this list features male and female counterpart fragrances to celebrate similarity and also difference, the things that attract us. These fragrances are designed to compliment one another as you walk down the street hand in hand with whoever that may be.


Because It's You and Stronger With You were released alongside each other in 2017. The fragrances are for those unafraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, proud to give a part of themselves away to another person. The scents make beautiful companion pieces, and please don't overlook the subtle shift in the usual old-fashioned power dynamic, as it is the male who is made stronger by the female this time. RIGHT ON! Because It's You is sweet and passionate with notes of raspberry, lemon, rose, vanilla and musk, whilst Stronger With You is slightly more masculine with hints of pink pepper, fresh apple, violet leaves, aromatic lavender, cinnamon, glazed chestnut, amber and vanilla. 

Paco Rabanne:

1 Million and Lady Million are the perfect His & Her fragrance choice for that modern power couple....You know that couple you're always envious of: that couple that seem to do everything as well as each other whether it be their job, going out drinking or sky-diving...not to mention posting it all on Instagram. Whilst 1 Million exudes confidence with hints of blood mandarin, peppermint, rose absolute, cinnamon, leather and wood, Lady Million boasts the same daring nature through jasmine, neroli, raspberry, bitter orange, amber and patchouli. It's an ambitious match made in heaven.

Hugo Boss:

Launched in 2016, The Scent For Him and The Scent for Her seek to captivate the essence of both masculinity and femininity, but then meet in the middle as the perfect pair. Imagine a couple that have distinct and separate characters, but can put their differences aside time and time again for each other. They may not go on big nights out together, but they sure as hell know how to set aside some proper time to recover together. For Her has voluptuous notes of peach, freesia, osmanthus flower and cocoa, whilst For Him has rich notes of ginger, manika fruit leaves, lavender and leather. For the couple who are equally as sexy in their own individual ways. 


Touch For Her and Touch for Him are for that couple that spend their days on long walks in nature with their dog, and their evenings curled up by a fire in some idyllic cabin playing board games and drinking wine. The couple that are a great addition to any social event but could quite happily keep themselves entertained in one another's company forever. For Her is soft and casual combining delicate notes of fresh fruit like blackberry, peach, raspberry and cranberry, with the woody warmth of cedar oakmoss and tonka bean. For him is refreshing and outdoorsy with its natural hints of mandarin tree leaves, cedarwood, vetiver, nutmeg and tonka beans. Burberry's For Him & Her fragrances also come in at our lowest priced meaning they are a great choice for the more modest couple potentially looking to put away some future joint savings together in 2019.

Jean Paul Gaultier:

Having first launched in 1993 and 1997 respectively, Classique and Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier have been on the block for the longest. With their iconic bottles that of course celebrate the male and female form, these JPG fragrances are genre definers when it comes to counterpart scents. Whilst Classique is an oriental-floral aphrodisiac with notes of orange blossom, ginger, orchid, vanilla and amber, Le Male is an aromatic fragrance with hints of mint, lavender, cinnamon, orange blossom and sandalwood. These fragrances are perhaps for the more wisened and long-term lovers whose relationship advice is sought out by younger couples that want to know what the secret is. 


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