The Evolution of Rihanna’s Beauty Empire

The Evolution of Rihanna’s Beauty Empire

Rihanna has become a huge part of pop culture since her debut single in 2005, and in the last few years she has branched out with a huge array of ventures, from singing, acting, beauty and fashion. She is one of the world’s richest female musicians, with 8 studio albums. Today, you might even know her better for her line of make-up and beauty products.

Rihanna released her first perfume in 2011, followed by a line of successful Rihanna fragrances. Since then, she has evolved to create a huge empire in the beauty industry. In 2017, she essentially changed the face of make-up with her Fenty Beauty brand.

So, just how has Rihanna become such an influential figure in the beauty industry?

Moving from perfumes to make-up

In 2011, Rihanna was working for Armani and by 2015 she was the first black woman to be the face of Dior. During this time, she released a whole collection of perfume, including the best-selling Reb’l Fleur, which brought in approximately $80 million in sales.

With notes of peach, red berries, coconut, amber and vanilla, it is perfectly indicative of her Bahamian background. 

By 2017, Rihanna had won the CFDA Fashion Icon lifetime achievement award, became the creative director at Puma and was about to launch a whole new project; Fenty Beauty. Following from the success of her perfume line, Rihanna’s new beauty venture is now known around the world.

The launch of Fenty Beauty

The idea behind Fenty Beauty came from the idea that beauty and fashion should be entirely inclusive, no matter of size or shape. It has been a trend that’s been a long time coming, with a lot of pressure put on beauty and fashion brands to cater for everyone.  

Fenty Beauty took the world by storm with its 50 shades to suit every single skin tone; something no other brand had done in such detail before. This has now grown to include a whole range of inclusive make-up; the latest release being a brow pencil in no less than 14 shades.

Rihanna’s other ventures have been so successful so quickly that she hasn’t released any new music since 2016.

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