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What Your Favourite Male Celebrities Smell Like

What Your Favourite Male Celebrities Smell Like

Ever wondered what the likes of Gerard Butler, David Beckham, Henry Cavill, Drake, and Michael B Jordan spritz themselves with on a morning? Some of the favourite aftershaves of these big A-list celebrities may give you some inspiration if buying for yourself or a man in your life. Find out what your favourite male celeb smells like on a daily basis below.

David Beckham - Creed Fragrances

David Beckham has been known to wear famous scents from luxury fragrance brand Creed. Their most iconic scent is Creed Aventus, which we stock in 50ml and 100ml bottles. Starting at £234.99, these fragrances for men are not cheap but many would argue are certainly worth it. Creed Aventus blends fruity and woody notes to create a scent that embodies the perfect gentleman.


With a loyal following of fans, Creed certainly has cemented itself within the beauty industry as a top player within men’s fragrances. David Beckham does also have his very own line of fragrances that we are sure he enjoys, which may be the perfect alternative for those hoping for a less expensive alternative.

Other celeb lovers of the French fragrance brand include George Clooney and Jay Z. If it’s good for these iconic A-listers, Creed is certainly a top pick for those wanting a high end fragrance that offers a selection of incredible men’s fragrances that last.

Michael B Jordan - Coach Aftershave

Since Michael B Jordan became the global face of Coach men’s fashion and fragrance it’s no surprise that he enjoys the aftershave options designed by the New York luxury fashion house. In interviews Michael has admitted grooming is a big part of his routine and keeping up appearances, which is why fragrance is so important to him.

 Coach Men's Aftershave Coach Platinum Eau de Parfum Men's Aftershave Spray (100ml)

At Perfume Direct we stock Coach Platinum for men in 100ml. This fragrance follows on from Coach for Men and is the Summer 2018 fragrance. Using notes of black pepper sandalwood, juniper, and sage, it is a combination of warming tones and a masculine scent. Plus, at a relatively budget friendly price of £41.99, it won’t cost you the earth to smell like this legendary A-lister.



Gerard Butler - Hugo Boss ‘Bottled’

According to some reports Gerard Butler is a huge and long-term fan of Hugo Boss scents. More specifically Boss Bottled. Back in 2014, Butler actually took over from Ryan Reynolds as the cologne’s ambassador. Stating that he “adored the fragrance”. The classic choice from Hugo Boss, offers a combination of fruity notes and musky woods, making it a perfect everyday fragrance for men. Boss Bottled has since advanced within the industry, with Boss offering a range of variations of this iconic scent, including Bottled Night, Bottled Intense, Bottled Infinite, and Bottled Pacific, proving just how popular this men’s scent really is.

 Hugo Boss Men's Aftershave Hugo Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette Men's Aftershave Spray (50ml, 100ml)

At Perfume Direct, not only do we stock Gerard Butler’s favourite, the classic Boss Bottled, but we also stock a wide choice of other Hugo Boss fragrances for men, being one of our most popular brands.



Henry Cavill - Dunhill

According to several reports online, Henry Cavill is a fan of Dunhill fragrances by Alfred Dunhill, and has been since way back in 2008. The Dunhill range of fragrances loved by this superhero favourite includes Dunhill British Leather, Dunhill London Icon Racing Blue and Red, as well as Dunhill Desire Red. The Dunhill fragrance brand is known for creating compelling, classic men’s aftershaves for contemporary life. Explore what we have in stock from the iconic fragrance brand.

 Dunhill Men's Aftershave Dunhill Desire Red Men Eau de Toilette Men's Aftershave Spray (100ml)


Drake - Maison Francis Kurkdijan

According to tons of reports and a viral discussion across gossip sites and TikTok, many people believe they have discovered Drake’s favourite fragrance. Going viral across social media over the last year, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s iconic fragrance Baccarat Rouge 540, is said to be the Canadian rapper’s favourite scent. This unisex parfum offers a sophisticated amber floral fragrance. With more and more people discovering the fragrance recently, it is no surprise that it has made our list, not only is this loved amongst celebs and elites, it’s popular across the world.

 Francis Kurkdjian Unisex Perfume Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum Spray (70ml)



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