What's New, Pussycat?

What's New, Pussycat?

Everybody loves a signature scent, and we all have that one irreplaceable favourite but every now and again, a change can help you boost your confidence and give you that little extra spark to get you ahead. 

Let's look at 5 
fabulous fragrances that might be just the change you’re looking for!


Clinique – Happy for Men 


Refreshing sea notes are mixed with a tangy citrus blend to make this summery scent a sure-fire hit. Its fresh without overpowering and has soft woods and florals that make the base of this scent last longer than the initial citrus hit. A great day timer, it might not be strong enough to stand out at an evening occasion. 



Elizabeth Arden – Green Tea 


This fresh and fruity little beauty is made with a base of green tea, light spices and soft florals. The citrus and mint top notes give a refreshing tang to the soft and earthy base notes, keeping it light and soft. This classy and elegant scent is a perfect addition to any collection and is suitable for day and evening wear. 


Jimmy Choo – Blossom  




Pink and perfect, this one is a real sweet treat. Floral and fruity, the bold raspberry overtone of this scent is laid over soft wood and floral aromas to give it a real sweet and sparkling tang. Great for any occasion, the berry scent makes this one a real summer sensation and it’ll last as long as you do! 



David Beckham – Instinct 




A rich and masculine aroma, this one is deep, with layers of citrus over woods and spices. A great all-rounder, it has a fresh, clean aroma; subtle but noticeable and never overpowering. This quality makes it a great choice for long days and trips away, as it really does suit every occasion. 




DKNY – Be Delicious 




The packaging that this is presented in says it all for this entry. A deliciously sweet, apple-tinted scent with a floral base reminiscent of a sweet shop that keeps it soft and feminine. Days, nights, afternoons in the garden; you’ll be spraying this one just because you want to! 



Summer holidays, or any holidays for that matter, are a great excuse for trying something different, so go ahead, have a sniff and see what tickles your fancy. A change is as good as a rest and you never know, you might just snag yourself a new fave.