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Which Paco Rabanne Fragrance is for you?

Which Paco Rabanne Fragrance is for you?

This month we'd like to help you identify which exactly is the right Paco Rabanne Fragrance for you. With lots to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming so we've made a concise little run down of what we have on offer. But we can't go anywhere without first learning a bit more about the legend himself.

A Brief Bit O' Background

Born in 1934 in Basque Country, Rabanne fled Spain with his mother to France after his father, a Republican colonel, was executed by Francoist troops. It was here he began creating jewelry from unconventional materials such as metal, plastic and paper for established fashion houses like, Dior, Givenchy and Balenciaga. Quickly becoming known as 'l'enfant terribles' for his unruly antics during the 60's, Rabanne began his own fashion house in '66 and the rest was history. If that's not enough, Rabanne also moonlights as an artist who's private sketches earned him praise from Salvador Dahli himself.

With such a colourful life, I’m sure we'd all like to be a little bit more Paco Rabanne...

But Which Paco Rabanne Are You?


  • Paco Rabanne 1 Million is an addictive and daring fragrance with attention stealing notes of blood mandarin, peppermint, rose absolute, cinnamon, leather and wood. This fragrance is a bold and irresistible seducer for the more confident of men who don't mind being noticed. A good option for making an impression on a night out. 
  • Meanwhile Invictus takes inspiration from the legends of Roman gladiators; designed to be fresh and vibrant like a shot of pure adrenaline. The fragrance's 'in it to win it' energy comes from its marine notes of Narube, grapefruit zest, Guaiac wood and patchouli heart, making for a great companion to the more athletic man. The perfect compliment to that post-gym feeling.
  • As the name would suggest Invictus Intense is a step-up from this and wouldn't suit a man who thinks that participating is enough. This fragrance has a conquering heart and pairs the athleticism of Invictus with the outright confidence of 1 Million. With triumphant notes of black pepper, orange blossom, whiskey and amber, Invictus intense is for the most driven men. Potentially a subtle, but great power move in those board meetings.
  • Pure XS is Rabanne's sexiest fragrance to date. It has a magnetism based around notes that harmonise and contrast with each other like lovers. Sensual and explosive, Pure XS is an aphrodisiac consisting of ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, leather and musk, created to capture interest, pulling it closer and closer in. This aftershave is the perfume world's answer to 50 Shades of Grey and for men who seek out that ecstatic, but momentary thrill. 


  • Paco Rabanne's Lady Million is a dangerously sexy scent, opulent and full of life. The fragrance is composed of delicious floral notes like jasmine and neroli, made even crisper by the sweetness of raspberry and bitter orange. The woody scents of amber and patchouli ensure the richness and sensuality of the perfume. This is a go to for a night out ladies.
  • Lady Million Prive takes this luxuriousness one step further. The reinterpretation is even darker and more dense oozing a hypnotic sensuality from its notes of orange blossom, wood, vanilla, raspberry, cocoa and honey. The powerful fragrance would make an ideal companion to any big event you want to make an impact at; we're thinking weddings, meetings, dinner parties and maybe even first dates (if you think they're good enough).
  • On the other hand, Lady Million Lucky really lets its hair down. This fragrance is for the dreamers and exudes happiness in its notes of raspberry, orange blossom, rose, jasmine, hazelnut, honey and cashmere wood. Lady Million Lucky is luscious, but more light and relaxed, for the ladies who just want to kick back and enjoy themselves. Released in 2018, its Rabanne's latest and we're thinking it'd be perfect for a holiday setting this year. 
  • Olympea is possibly the female equivalent of Invictus. It's vibrant, modern and sensual with aquatic notes of water jasmine. The perfume has the freshness of green mandarin, the warmth of fiery ginger leaves, the subtle sweetness of salt and vanilla and finally, the creaminess of sandalwood. Put together, it's a radiant and crisp fragrance which would serve you well in your gym bag. 

We've got plenty of Paco Rabanne fragrances to offer, including a whole host of gift sets and collectors edition bottles so go have a look make sure you decide on the one that best describes you.


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