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Who’s Who – Celebrity Fragrances

Who’s Who – Celebrity Fragrances

Although celebrities had been endorsing and advertising fragrances since the 1950s, the first true celebrity scent was released by Elizabeth Taylor in 1987, in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden. Since that point, there have been hundreds released and it has become an ever-expanding genre of perfume, with new releases coming regularly and some of the older fragrances, including a few of Elizabeth Taylor’s, remaining popular for years later. Whilst some of this is undoubtedly because of the name attached, many celebrity fragrances are simply delicious scents, and their reputation comes from this and expands well beyond their regular fanbase.

Elizabeth Taylor, for those who don’t know, was an iconic British actress with a career that began in the 1940s, when she herself was still a child. In 1960, she was the world’s highest paid movie star, quite a feat for a woman back then, and she was a well-known public figure right up to her death in 2011. She released 11 fragrances altogether and is said to have personally overseen the creation and production of all of them, another trend which continues to the current day.

From there on, actors, sports stars, pop stars and every other kind of celebrity has followed suit. Given that when Taylor passed away in 2011, her estate was valued at $600 million - $1 billion and the majority of that was said to have come from her fragrances, this may have been a smart move.

These are a few of our current favourite celebrities and their fragrances, which are all available through our website.



Ariana Grande

Grande released her first fragrance, Ari, to resounding success in 2015, and has since added another 7 to her collection. The scents are created to reflect her lively personality, so although they’re all different, there are some similarities.

Ariana Grande – REM EDP

Released in 2020, REM is an amber vanilla fragrance for women and has a warm, sweet and slightly fruity scent. Top notes of caramel, salt, fig and quince are laid over mid notes of lavender and pear blossom, then laid over a base of musk, tonka bean and sandalwood, to create a very inviting and vaguely candied aroma.

Britney Spears

Britney’s first foray into fragrance came way back in 2004, when she collaborated with Elizabeth Arden to create Curious, which is reported to have made $100 million in its first year. In total, Britney has put her name to 31 fragrances, although a few have been discontinued or were limited edition, and are no longer available, or extremely rare.

Britney Spears – Curious EDP

The first in a long line from Britney, Curious is a soft and delicate floral fragrance with a sweet centre. Top notes of magnolia, pear and lotus are combined with jasmine, tuberose and cyclamen over a base of musk, vanilla, white woods and sandalwood to create a light, dreamy scent.

David Beckham

International football superstar David Beckham released his first fragrance, Instinct for men, in 2005 and has been something of a prolific perfumier ever since, adding 36 more scents to his range. Many of these have feminine versions, marketed under the name of his popstar/fashion icon/designer wife, Victoria, with their joint brand being worth an estimated £425 million.

David Beckham – Beyond EDT

This woody, spicy fragrance for men came out in 2015, and has a fresh and masculine aroma with a crisp edge. Top notes of mojito, cardamom and grapefruit are fresh and dry, softened by the mid notes of black pepper, cedar and geranium. The base of vanilla, leather and patchouli give an unexpected depth to this scent.

Kim Kardashian

Most famous simply for being Kim Kardashian and having that family, among numerous famous husbands and boyfriends, Kim is also a designer and has 7 perfumes in her brand. The first, named after herself, came in 2009, and the last, Fleur Fatale, in 2014.

Kim Kardashian – Fleur Fatale

As the name suggests, this is a floral and feminine fragrance. Officially a floral woody scent, Fleur Fatale was released in 2014 and has top notes of bergamot, blackcurrant and violet, mixed with a centre of tea rose and peony. The base notes are white musk, sandalwood and amber, and the whole is a delicate and light fragrance.


Barbadian singer/songwriter and international star, Rihanna, released her first fragrance in 2011. Reb’l Fleur was immediately popular and was created using ingredients that Rihanna herself wore to create a fragrance that was truly her own – inspired by her and to be worn by her. This first fragrance was followed by another 10, with the latest, Reb’l Fleur Love Always, being released in 2018.

Rihanna – Rogue EDP

Rogue is an amber floral fragrance for women. Released in 2013, it has a warm, floral aroma with a creamy sweet edge to it. Top notes of lemon blossom and cyclamen are combined with suede, plum, rose and jasmine and give a very soft and discreet scent. Base notes of patchouli, vanilla, musk, woody notes and amber give it the warm sweetness.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the late 90s sitcom Sex in the City, American actress Sarah Jessica Parker, has also had several other well-known roles, including that of Sarah Sanderson, the youngest witch in Hocus Pocus, a hit 90s film that has become synonymous with Halloween throughout the western world. Her first fragrance, Lovely, came in 2005, and she now has 20 fragrances in her collection.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Lovely EDP

This floral, woody musk is a soft and powdery scent which remains extremely popular almost 20 years after its creation. Top notes of lavender, martini, bergamot mandarin orange and palisander rosewood give a pleasant and citrusy opening which is softened by the mid notes of patchouli, orchard and narcissus. The base of woodsy notes, musk, cedar and white-amber is beautifully delicate, and really sets the tone for the rest.

When you are looking at celebrity fragrances, you should treat them as any other – it’s the contents of the bottle you are after, not the face on the box.


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