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You Need These Fragrances for Date Night

You Need These Fragrances for Date Night

There’s often ample help available if you’re looking for floral, woody or fresh fragrances, but what if you’re looking for a perfume or aftershave for a particular occasion? This can be much more difficult, more so because choosing a fragrance can be a very personal thing and everyone is different.

When it comes to date night, choosing a fragrance can be a make or break situation. When you combine date night with summer evenings, you’ve got yourself an interesting challenge on your hands in finding a scent that isn’t too overpowering, but makes the perfect impact.

We’ve discovered a whole host of fragrances that combine fresh and floral notes of summer with mysterious and earthy musk notes. This results in a scent that is sophisticated, intriguing but still very natural – perfect for date night, whether it’s a first date or a rare night out without the kids.

What does musk smell like?

Musk refers to aromatic scents that are typically used as base notes in perfumery, and are often compared to earthy, woodsy smells. It’s often very soft and warming, giving a smooth base to many scents. What’s more, it can be quite long-lasting, which is always a bonus in perfumes and aftershaves.

Musk can have a very interesting effect on other ingredients in your chosen fragrance, often enhancing and balancing the scent. This makes them a great ingredient to look out for in date night fragrances, because you’ll know you’re getting a rounded, smooth and captivating scent.

Date night perfumes for women

For something that’s irresistible and charming, Tom Ford White Suede combines musk with woody and floral notes, creating a powerful result. With a blend of rose, lily-of-the-valley, thyme, tea and saffron, it’s a highly feminine and addictive composition. Finished with musk, sandalwood and amber, White Suede has a velvety, warm and sensual scent that’s a must for any date night.

YSL Libre has burst into the spotlight since its release in 2019, continuing to become a favourite amongst many women. It is bold and sweet, with oriental notes blended to create an aromatic and unique scent. Mandarin oil, lavender, orange blossom and jasmine come together for a floral heart, before giving way to the soft and impactful notes of vanilla, cedarwood and of course, musk.

If you’re looking for something playful and mischievous, Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower is the ultimate choice for your next date night. With a fruity opening of apricot and orange, the fragrance’s heart of grapefruit, jasmine, rose and pear creates a sparkling character. Finishing on a base of musk with vanilla and woody notes, it’s a great example of how musk can balance and soften a scent without losing its seductive quality.


Date night aftershaves for men

Musk can also work in invigorating fragrances too, demonstrating just how versatile it can be. Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited is incredibly fresh and energising, with notes of mint and grapefruit that are built on further with pineapple, rose and cinnamon. Finishing on a base of sandalwood and white musk, this becomes a very wearable fragrance that will certainly leave a lasting impression with its clean but masculine scent.

Notes of musk can be combined with citrus and aquatic notes for a great summer date night aftershave, as demonstrated by Azzaro Chrome. Lemon and rosemary are combined with coriander and jasmine for a fresh scent that exudes vivacity, perfect for making that all-important first impression. With a woody base of cedar, moss and musk, there is a sophisticated edge to this aftershave that won’t be forgotten.

For a musky aftershave that radiates warmth and freshness in one go, Burberry Weekend is the perfect relaxed scent that will suit even daytime dates. It opens with a burst of citrus, including orange, lemon, grapefruit and pineapple, before giving way to a warming base of honey, amber and musk. Together, these notes can be as casual or dressed-up as the occasion requires.


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