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A Closer Look At: Thierry Mugler

A Closer Look At: Thierry Mugler

The man behind the unforgettable perfumes such as Angel and Alien, is Thierry Mugler.

He is known for his showmanship and the many strings he has to his bow including photography, fashion design and of course, perfumery.

Early Life

His success story began at the age of twenty when he left his hometown Strasbourg, in France and headed to Paris. He began showcasing his own creations and he soon began his career as a fashion designer and created his first collection in 1973, called ‘Café de Paris’ and opened his house in 1974. The line projected a sexy, flirtatious and urban vibe and oozed ultra-femininity. He was praised for his unique style and just four years later he was crowned designer of the year by both the press and public. Throughout the eighties, Mugler was applauded for his fantastic collections and original fashion shows. 


Having revolutionised the world of fashion, the designer used his fantastic vision to explore the perfume industry. However, he was searching for a partner that could help his brand progress into perfumery. Mugler approached the head of the popular skincare and beauty brand Clarin, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, and his debut fragrance, Angel, was released in 1992. He created a delicious scent that combined candyfloss, caramel and chocolate tones, which were influenced from his beloved childhood memories of fairgrounds. However, he then added a very high concentration of woodsy patchouli, to prevent the scent from being overpoweringly sweet. The scent was widely received and still remains a bestseller today.

Vera Straubi, president of Thierry Mugler Perfumes, has previously said: “Angel is not the product of a marketing recipe. Angel surprises and intrigues people at the same time. It is so different that some find it shocking, but others become addicted to it.”

Mugler's First Male Fragrance

Mugler’s first official perfume for men, A*Men, was released in 1996. It is known as a scent for those that are daring, uncompromising, opposing as well as balanced. It contains woody masculine notes of patchouli, notes of Arabica coffee beans and Bourbon vanilla. It keeps the sweet scent that the brand is known for but provides a completely new twist. This was followed up in 2017 with A*Men Kryptomint, which is an icy cool reinterpretation of the original scent.  

Thierry Mugler Alien

Alien Perfume

In 2005, the scent Alien came along, which became the second Thierry Mugler perfume to rank in the top 10 of bestselling women’s fragrances in Europe. The musky scent, which features an amber solar accord, a woody Cashmeran note and jasmine sambac, is still extremely popular more than a decade since its release. 

Angel Perfume

After the wildly successful scent, Angel, was so hugely loved, Mugler revealed a follow-up called Angel Muse in 2016. To include the beloved sweet smell that Mugler is known for, Angel Muse was made to exude hazelnut cream but it was contrasted with vetiver for a more masculine scent.

Mugler's Photography

As well as being a very successful fashion designer and perfumer, Mugler is also a very gifted photographer. He has been known to travel the globe to find astonishing settings to capture the perfect shot. He also expresses his love for the art-form through his perfume advertising campaigns, which he photographs or films himself.

Mugler has combined rare and natural ingredients to create powerful scents that are instantly recognisable.
The iconic brand is now a well-established name in the perfume industry and they continue to amaze critics and customers with their ground-breaking scents.

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