Day & Night; Tips on Different Scents for Different Occasions

Day & Night; Tips on Different Scents for Different Occasions

Everybody loves a signature scent but a little switch up every now and again can make your scents stand out and keep each one in step with your look. This is a loose guide to what we'd use and when. 

Day Time Delights 

Whether it’s a family gathering or lunch with friends, a daytime event is likely to involve food, even if it’s only snacks. This calls for a lighter scent, which will keep you fresh and attract attention without overpowering other aromas in the air. 

Day Time Divas 
– For the ladies who like a little sparkle and pizzazz in their day. 

A bold and ultra-feminine fragrance, this is sweet, light and delicious. Notes of coffee and cocoa will have you smelling good enough to eat and the sleek, stylish stiletto-style packaging is fun, functional and looks fabulous. 


Sarah Jessica Parker – Lovely 

Just as the name suggests, this scent is light and playful, with floral notes, a touch of wood and the sparkle of Martini. The pretty pink bottle comes in handbag-friendly sizes so this little friend can keep you company wherever you go. 


Glamour Puss 
– Scents for the ladies who want a more elegant air. 


Lancôme – Idole Intense 

This fabulous fragrance is a blast of intense rose tempered by Jasmine hints and a whole symphony of sweet wood tones. The chunky, angular bottle in a rosy, golden pink fits right in your palm and advertises the luxury of the contents perfectly. 


Kenzo – Jungle Elephant 

This spicy little number is deep and sultry. Exotic flourishes of mandarin, clove and mango are subtly softened by smooth vanilla, leaving a fresh and exciting fragrance that lasts the night through. This bottle is beautifully decorated with a golden elephant in grass for a topper. 



Man About Town 
– Men's fragrance for casual, day time events. 



A fresh and fruity fragrance with citrus overtones tempered by soft spices and sandalwood, it gives a soft yet masculine aroma and is a long-lasting scent. The classic Cool Water bottle has had an elegant upgrade, with the depth of the scent well represented in the deepening tones in the glass. 


Police – To Be Rebel 

The citrus hits from the grapefruit and orange blossom are evened out with violet, amber wood and white musk in this aromatic adventure. The funky bottle, in the skull shape and with a bright red Mohawk, is sure to be a fabulously addition to your collection, too. 



Evening Opulence 

An evening engagement gives you a good excuse to go wild with your scents. These are also more likely to be informal, so letting loose and wearing something true to you might be more appropriate here. 


Dancing Queen -
For the club queens. Strong enough to last as long as the party does! 


Juicy Couture – Bye Bye Blues 

Vibrant and exciting, this is a floral scent with a definite aquatic feel to it. With water and floral notes accompanied by musk, driftwood and amber, this is a scent that will turn heads and with that golden-crown topper, you'll feel like a queen. 



Britney Spears – Midnight Fantasy 

Brought to you by the brand of the dancing queen herself, this is a dark but sparkling fragrance. Plum and sour cherry give it a fruity depth and the tang is softened with deep musk, amber and vanilla. The potion-style bottle will have the world under your spell. 



The Boss 
– The lady who is in charge wherever she is and needs a scent that says so. 


This dark and delicious scent is strong and sweet with softer notes around the edges that give it warmth. The rich mixture of amber and Jasmine will leave the crowds lusting after your scent and the woody and floral notes will dance in the air behind you. 


Calvin Klein – Eternity 

A modern classic, this floral scent is underpinned by golden amber and sandalwood notes, giving the soft florals a delicately spicy touch. Beautifully presented, the clear glass and pale liquid are topped by a chunky chrome topper. 




Man of the Night
 – Deep and exciting, these scents are sensual and fresh. 


Hugo Boss – Bottled Night

This spicy and sensual scent is a real show-stopper. Strong woody notes are combined with intense citrus and floral scents to create a powerfully seductive fragrance. Vibrant and masculine, this will make your scent the centre of attention. 


Diesel – Fuel for Life

A sweet treat, this is a softer scent for men with fruit and musk tones which create a light but intense effect. Almost 15 years on the shelves, this one quickly became a staple and for very good reason. 


When selecting your scents, rules are fun but remember, they’re there to be broken and the number one rule of perfume is to enjoy it, so have fun, play around and if you get it wrong, it'll be gone by the morning! 


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