Protect your skin with O'Keeffe's…Winter is coming

Protect your skin with O'Keeffe's…Winter is coming

Now we don't wish to lecture you (actually that's a fib, we really don't mind when there's such important matters at hand *pun alert*), but why, in a busy world of beauty, cosmetic and skincare products, do we still overlook our hands and feet? Perhaps they don't always seem to be the most striking or flattering parts of us to show off, but they are after all, anatomically speaking, the very things that make us human. So maybe they do deserve a bit more attention hey!

Whether you work a more manual, hands-on job or spend days sat typing behind a keyboard, none of us can avoid that one cold truth: that winter is coming! And after the forgetful months opportunely basking in whatever sunshine we could grasp, it's always that bit colder and more taxing than you remember, isn't it? As a preventative measure we've sought out the very best, most down-to-earth and does-what-it-says-on-the-tin line of skincare products we could possibly get our hands, lips and feeton, for you.

O'Keeffe's range of hand, foot and lip repair creams are designed specifically for those exposed bodily extremities that bear the brunt of the wintery chill. The range is for literally everyone and boasts some serious attention to detail when it comes to knowing exactly what we want AND need. O'Keeffe's products are: odourless, hypoallergenic, naturally conditioning, highly moisturising whilst remaining non-greasy (what? How are they even doing this?) and importantly, they are designed with a 'little bit goes a long way' ethos, meaning one inexpensive tube will do the trick until we're saved by the next season.

O'Keeffe's Skin Range

The creams are made to be with you at every step of the way, easily incorporated into every part of your day; morning, noon and night...and Lord knows we need a reliable companion at this time of year. Okay, okay, perhaps we went a little overboard there, and a much better hibernation companion would indeed be the cosy warmth of a partner or pet snuggled up on the sofa. But ask yourself this question! When they are themselves enveloped in the icy throws of winter's embrace, do they need your dry, cracked and split mitts around them too?? We think not not! And it is here we rest our case.

But in all seriousness, head over to our site and grab yourself some of the most effective and carefully crafted skin moisturising and protection products that very little money can buy. You won't regret it and we guarantee it'll make all the difference to those most overlooked and hard-working parts of your body.