Spotlight on Dior

Spotlight on Dior

Luxury design brand, Christian Dior, has been with us for a long time. You might be surprised to learn just how long some of your favourite Dior cosmetics and fragrances have been on the shelf.

Founded in 1946 by French fashion designer Christian Dior, the fashion house’s first clothing line was released in 1947, and was named “Carolle”, which translates to English as “circlet of flower petals”. The designs in this line, in particular the skirts, were inspired by plants and flowers and petal-like in their shape and movement.

Dior understood, though, that feeling beautiful was about much more than clothes, and in the very same year the brand released their first fragrance for women, Miss Dior.

This fragrance was so iconic and so consistently popular that it is still available today. Since 2011, however, it has been sold under the name Miss Dior Original as a new scent has taken the title Miss Dior.

Since their beginnings, Dior have expanded into many different areas including cosmetics and skincare, watches and jewellery, shoes and fashion accessories. 

The following are a few of our personal favourites from the Dior brand and are all available through our site.

Miss Dior

The 2011 remake based on the classic and debut scent, this is a mature and delicate fragrance with a soft, sweet edge. Top notes of mandarin orange are combined with Turkish and Bulgarian roses over a base of vanilla, patchouli and amber. This all works to give the fragrance a sweet and sensual depth.

The fragrance is presented in a classic, oblong bottle in clear glass. The topper is embellished with a dainty silver and the name and logo appear on a potion style label.


Miss Dior – Roses n Roses

Released in 2020, this newbie is a younger sibling to Miss Dior and is presented in a similar bottle, with a bow and potion style label.

The scent is a fresh and floral one, inspired by nature and the smell of wildflowers blooming. Top notes of mandarin, bergamot and geranium essence give a sweet and fruity opening, which is mellowed by the mid-notes of Damask rose and Grasse rose. The whiter musk base gives this fragrance a real outdoorsy air and the smell of roses takes you right outside and into the fields.


Poison Girl

This bitter sweet, floral fragrance was released in 2017 and is the fifth sibling of the massively popular 1985 fragrance, Poison.

Top notes of frosted orange, bitter orange and lemon give it a feisty, exotic opening which is quickly tempered by the mild notes of Grasse rose, neroli, Damask rose and orange blossom. A complex base of tonka bean, vanilla, cashmeran, heliotrope and caramel give a smooth, sweet edge and an earthy depth.

This scent is presented in a potion-style bottle in an opalescent, pink-purple glass with a chunky round topper. The brand is printed straight onto the bottle in black lettering.



This brilliantly bold, amber floral fragrance was released in 2014 and has remained popular ever since. Top notes of mandarin leaf and orange blossom offer a fruity sweetness while the jasmine sambac and bourbon vanilla from the mid-to-base notes compliment them and bring them to life.

The bottle for Addict is slim, sleek and classy, in understated black and chrome with a tiny Dior logo.



Dior Joy was created to express exactly what the name suggests, the joy of pleasure in life.

Released in 2018, it is a floral fruity fragrance with a very feminine feel about it. Top notes of bergamot and orange give a sweet and light introduction, which is carried through the mid-notes of rose, cassis, jasmine and peach. The base of sandalwood, musk, patchouli, cedar and benzoin give it a longevity and depth that everyone wants in a fragrance.


Sauvage Shaving Gel

This shaving gel is based on the 2019 fragrance of the same name, which is an aromatic-fougere based on the 1966 fragrance Eau Sauvage. Fresh, woody and masculine, this shaving gel is also enriched with natural-origin cactus extract, to protect against razor burn and smooth your skin whilst helping you stay fresh.

Presented in black, shower-safe plastic, it matches the fragrance in both colour and style.



This beautiful and delicate floral concoction is a true classic and is on its way to celebrating 80 years on the shelf. Bright, fresh and sophisticated, the floral ensemble complements each other beautifully. Giving the effect of a stroll through a flowery forest with floral tinges on a fresh and leafy base.

The bottle is classic chunky, clear glass with a metal band below the topper.


Sauvage Aftershave

This fragrance for men is an oriental-fougere fragrance and is based on a fragrance from 1966, Eau Sauvage. The scent is inspired by the wide-open space of a midnight desert and this is reflected in the combination of fresh and warm notes that go into it. Top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange and elemi give a warm welcome, while the sandalwood middle keeps it fresh and the base of vanilla, tonka bean and olibanum help to ease it all together.

The bottle is as dark and mysterious as the contents, in a dark blue, amber tinged oblong.


Fahrenheit Aftershave

Inspired by a new vision for manhood, this classic scent for men was released in 1988 and is a leather, woody fragrance with a sensual and masculine air. Top notes of lavender, mandarin orange, hawthorn, nutmeg, chamomile and lemon give the opening a real fruity tang. The softer mid-notes of lily, jasmine and violet leaf bring it back down beautifully.

The bottle is a potion-style in glass of deep red at the top, fading to amber at the base, and with the logo across the front.

This is just a small sample of what we have available through our website which stocks fragrance, skincare and cosmetics in high-street and luxury brands. All with discounts applied as standard.


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