Fragrance Star Spotting

Fragrance Star Spotting


From actors and pop stars to sporting idols and tv personalities, celebrities from every avenue of the industry are trying their hand at perfumery and with the help of fragrance laboratories, they’re turning out to be pretty good at it! 

These are a few of our favourite celebrity fragrances, along with the fragrance developers who helped them. 

Sarah Jessica Parker – Lovely 

Released in 2005, Lovely is a floral, woody fragrance with a musky air. Its softness is tempered by the tang of patchouli, which is laid beneath top notes of lavender, martini and mandarin orange. 

Lovely was created in partnership with cosmetics giant Coty Inc., although Sarah Jessica Parker herself was the creative director and personally oversaw every step of each process along the way. 

Classy and distinctive, Lovely really does live up to its name. 



Britney Spears – Midnight Fantasy 

This deliciously dark and fruity fragrance was brought to us in 2006 in partnership with senior perfumer Caroline Sabas. Midnight Fantasy uses fruits like plum and sour cherry combined with florals of orchid, iris and freesia to create a deep, sensual scent that is instantly recognisable. 

The bottle is the classic potion-bottle shape of Britney Spears’s other Fantasy brand fragrances, and this edition is in midnight blue and decorated with Swarovski crystals, which resemble stars in a midnight sky. 



Katy Perry – Purr 

Pop star Katy Perry didn’t join the perfumers club until 2010. Purr is her debut scent and was worked on by perfumers at Firmenich Ltd. 

A fruity, floral number, it has top notes of juicy fruits like peach and red apple alongside a fresh bamboo and laid over warmer scents like vanilla, amber, rose, musk, and orchid. 

This fragrance is packaged in a cat-shaped bottle, with jewelled eyes in the head/topper. 



David Beckham – Instinct 

One for the boys here, international soccer superstar David Beckham’s debut fragrance, Instinct, came out in 2005 and was also worked on by Coty Inc., the same perfume developers who helped create Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely. 

A warm and spicy scent, Instinct has vetiver, mandarin, cardamom, patchouli, and amber, giving a warm masculinity followed by a sweet warmth.  

The opening scent is lively but becomes more earthy through the day, so consider getting a miniature to top yourself up if you need it. 



Don’t be put off trying these by the celebrities’ lack of experience in the field of perfumery, as every scent is aided by world renowned names and laboratories, and they really are a diverse and fabulous range of steps. 

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