Suits You! Finding Scents To Suit Your Style

Suits You! Finding Scents To Suit Your Style

Your style is so much more than the clothes on your back, and if style is something that’s important to you, incorporating that into every aspect of your look is imperative. From clothes and jewellery to shoes, hairstyling, nails, cosmetics, and, of course, fragrance, the more details you pay attention to, the better and more obvious your overall style will be.

As the only element of the ensemble that isn’t visual, your scent is a great place to have a big impact. The following fragrances convey different qualities and taking a peek at these might help you look further into finding something that truly suits your style.

Ted Baker – Woman EDT – Sophisticated & Sparkling

This is a light and sophisticated scent, with a heart of cinnamon and white floral scents livened up with the sparkling citrus and apple top notes.

The base of vetiver, vanilla and musk gives this fragrance an unexpected depth and a definite grown-up feel to it. Presented in a frosted, peachy-pink bottle with a rosy gold topper, this is everything you would expect from Ted Baker.

Vera Wang – Rock Princess – Bold & Daring

This darkly delightful, floral-fruity fragrance is one for the rebels. The base of musk, cashmere, wood and iris really sets the tone for this one. Though it is softened by the centre of heliotrope, lily, rose and jasmine, the tang of the peach and raspberry top notes gives this dark and mysterious fragrance a fruity tang without sweetening it too much.

The bottle is stunning – a black and white patterned, heart shaped bottle, topped with a tiny, jewelled crown.

Escada – Especially Escada – Fun & Adventurous

A floral-aquatic fragrance, Especially Escada is light and youthful yet luxurious, and was prepared with glamorous, independent and spontaneous women in mind.

Top notes of peach and musk mallow give this a sweet and feminine air, which is energised by the aquatic notes in the heart. Rose, ylang-ylang and musk in the base give a really deep and adventurous flavour.

This bottle is a squat oblong in clear glass, displaying bright pink contents below a chunky, gold-coloured topper.

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