Top Tips to Discover Your Signature Scent

Top Tips to Discover Your Signature Scent

Finding a new fragrance can feel like a challenge, and there’s so much choice that it can be overwhelming! How do you find “the one” that will become your go-to, signature scent?

Firstly, what is a signature scent? This is a fragrance that you find yourself going back to, and it just matches your style and preferences perfectly. You might have other fragrances in your collection, but a signature scent is the one you just can’t help buying every time it runs out. More often than not, it’s the scent that others smell and think instantly of you. 

So, if you don’t feel like you’ve found that yet, here are some top tips to discover your signature scent. 

Tip 1: What do you want your fragrance to say about you?

Your choice of fragrance can say a lot about your personality. When picking a signature scent, look for something that captures the very essence of your character. Do you want to stand out, or are you looking for something subtle?

Fragrances can allude to a number of characters; playful, mysterious, romantic and sophisticated to name a few. What do you want your perfume or aftershave to say about you?

Tip 2: Understand the fragrance families

To help narrow down your search and make sure you end up with a signature scent that suits your style, it can be helpful to understand the different fragrance families. Each perfume or aftershave belongs to a fragrance family, or sits between two.

There are four main families; fresh, floral, oriental and woody. This refers to the main scent of the fragrance. In some cases, a fragrance might be both oriental and woody, or floral and oriental, and so on.

Woody and oriental fragrances can often be a little heavier and stronger, with more intense notes, while fresh and floral scents are typically much lighter.

Tip 3: Ignore the gender stereotypes

Unisex fragrances are becoming much more popular. Generally, stronger woody and even some oriental fragrances are marketed towards men, while floral fragrances are reserved for women.

However, you may be drawn to a particular scent regardless of its target gender. Some men’s fragrances can smell just as good on a female, while men may suit some fresh or lighter scents.

Tip 4: Layer your fragrances

Sometimes a signature scent can be created from multiple sources. If you’re struggling to find that perfect fragrance, try layering one scent over another and experiment with new combinations. This could be as simple as a scented moisturiser over a fragrance, or spraying two different fragrances on different body parts. 

Consider two fragrances that share a common note, and go from there to build something wearable for your own unique signature scent. If you’re feeling more adventurous, choose two opposing scents and see how they come together.

Above all, remember that choosing a fragrance is a very personal thing. What smells amazing to you may not to someone else, but don’t let that put you off. If you like it, go for it!