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Where To Spray Your Perfume For A Longer-Lasting Spritz

Where To Spray Your Perfume For A Longer-Lasting Spritz

One of the most important qualities of a good perfume is its lasting power. Whenever someone uses a perfume or cologne their hope is that others will be able to smell this on them all day long, keeping that beautiful aroma around for as long as possible! There’s much discussion in the beauty industry about this and it is commonly assumed that spraying your perfume on particular areas of the body enables a spritz of perfume to last longer. In a bid to help all perfume-lovers out, we have delved a little deeper into this topic of conversation, finding the very best areas for a longer-lasting scent.


Spraying perfume on your body’s pulse points

The pulse points across your body, your wrists, neck, chest and behind your ears, are areas that give out body heat. Spraying your perfume on these areas is recommended since the heat of your body that is emitted here will help your perfume last longer. That is why these are often those most common spots for people when spritzing their most-loved fragrance. However the inside of your elbows may be a sweet spot you are missing. Another pulse point, this is a useful area to spritz for even longer-lasting perfume.

What we do see often is people spraying their wrists and proceeding to rub these together. Which is often seen as a way to diffuse the initial, powerful scent. However, if you want your spritz to last long we would suggest avoiding doing this as it could break down the molecules of perfume causing the scent to evaporate faster than usual. 


Avoid spraying too closely to your skin

Spraying closely from the bottle to your skin will do nothing to help extend the scent. In fact it is advisable to keep some distance between so you aren’t completely overwhelmed by an incredibly concentrated spritz of perfume! 

The same can be said for the amount of sprays required to make your perfume last longer. A stronger, more powerful scent won’t require huge numbers of sprays in order to create a long-lasting effect. Between 2 and 5 sprays is plenty, depending on the potency of your chosen scent.


Spraying perfume on your hair

A commonly discussed topic is whether or not you should spray perfume onto your hair. Although this is a great tip for making your scent last longer it can be damaging for your hair, drying out the hair and potentially causing irritation to the scalp. What you could do, as an alternative, is spritz your perfume into the air and walk into this, allowing the spray to fall gently and sparingly across your body and hair. However we would recommend purchasing a scented hair mist which is formulated for use directly onto your hair. If You can't find your favourite scent in a hair mist, you may also opt for a scented serum or hair oil.

Prolong the lasting power of your perfume

Something to bear in mind when trying to make your perfume last longer and to get the most out of your scent, is to consider how you are taking care of your perfume when not in use.

Storing your perfume in the right place will ensure the longevity and scent is not destroyed by the natural environment or exposure to heat. Both heat and humidity can affect the perfume as it sits on a window or in a bathroom. Therefore, we would suggest storing your perfume in a cool, dark area of your home. Light can also be damaging which is why we would avoid storing your perfume on a window sill or in a space that is regularly exposed to direct sunlight.


To make this simple, you may wish to keep the storage box you purchased your perfume in and keep it protected in there when you are not using it.


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