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Top Tips For Packing Your Fragrance When Travelling

Top Tips For Packing Your Fragrance When Travelling

Travelling this summer? Whether you’re jetting off abroad or you’re staying put in the UK, a perfume or aftershave is one thing you don’t want to forget. Making sure you smell good throughout the day and into the evening, packing your fragrance and keeping this stored correctly is important to avoid any major spillages or breakages on your excursions. In this latest blog we are going to touch on several top tips to help you keep your fragrance safe while travelling this summer.

Packing A Perfume In A Suitcase

If you already have a bottle of your favourite fragrance ready to pack, and you have the added bonus of checked luggage, all you have to do is consider packing this carefully to avoid breaking the bottle.

The case with most fragrances is that the bottles are made of glass, and so packing this into a suitcase requires some careful consideration. One of the best ways to protect your chosen scent is to store it in its original box or packaging. This is designed to house the bottle securely, and therefore reduces any movement and the risk of damage. However, most people tend to throw away the packaging the minute they take a fragrance home. In this case, wrapping the bottle in protective materials like bubble wrap or postage paper with some tape is a good alternative. Although most people may also choose to wrap it into a beach towel or into a vanity bag. As long as the fragrance is tightly packed you should find it travels safely and arrives in one piece.


Cabin Bag Only Perfume

If you are heading off to enjoy the sunny beaches of the Med, but are limited in your luggage allowance, taking your favourite fragrance isn’t so easy.

If you are flying with cabin baggage only, security only allows you to travel with a limit on individual liquid containers of no more than 100ml. Although most perfume bottles are sized between 30ml - 100ml, the bigger the bottle, the more difficult it is to pack all your liquids into one small plastic bag. To avoid having to throw away your essential liquids at security, we suggest taking a small travel size perfume instead. To make it easy for you to find your favourite scents in travel sizes, we have created a page for you to explore here.

Our range of travel mini fragrances includes scents from popular brands such as Caroline Herrera, Elie Saab, Jimmy Choo, Lancome, and Paco Rabanne. You’ll find cult classics like Good Girl, Thierry Mugler Angel, and La Vie Est Belle, in sizes as small as 5 ml and 7 ml.

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Where To Store Your Perfume When Away From Home

Much like when you are at home, where you choose to store your perfume in your hotel room is important for ensuring the product doesn’t lose its quality.

Although you may have limited space in a hotel room, it is important to keep your perfume bottle away from light and heat. If you’re on holiday in a hot country, where the room gets particularly humid, this may be more of a struggle than usual. Some experts have actually suggested using a fridge to store perfumes. This is because a fridge is able to maintain a consistent temperature, which you may find difficult to do in an air conditioned hotel room. The mini bar, therefore, may be your best bet for preserving your favourite scent in such extreme heat. Plus, this is also a safe space, where you know you won’t lose your valuable fragrance.

One of the worst places you can keep your perfume is in the bathroom. The use of hot water in this space creates too much humidity and heat which will inevitably cause the chemicals in your perfume to degrade.

Haven’t found your perfect summer fragrance yet? No problem, check out our latest range of fragrances to find a new scent for your summer holidays.



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