Famous Names – Notable Names from the World of Perfume

Famous Names – Notable Names from the World of Perfume

Regardless of the name on the bottle, most perfumes are created by a whole team of fragrance and skin care specialists, with input from other areas to make sure that every project stays on brand.

The fragrances you buy online are often the product of months of work by many different people, which is why they may sometimes seem expensive on the shelf – the work that has gone into them is invisible. These teams, though, are generally headed by a master perfumer, and some of these guys, although their names are unfamiliar, are the noses behind your favourite fragrances.

Olivier Pescheux

French perfumier Olivier Pescheux had been involved in creating perfumes professionally since 2001, and has over 120 fragrances to his name, including having a hand in Balmain Homme and the Mont Blanc Legend family of fragrances for men, both of which are available in our range.

Inspired to this career in childhood, Pescheux is now known as one of the world’s leading perfumers, with a reputation that now spans 2 decades and countless famous brands.

Jacques Cavallier

Another French master, Cavallier worked for a Swiss fragrance company for much of his career but is currently working for Louis Vuitton. With almost 40 years in the industry, Cavallier’s name is associated with a whole host of world-renowned designer fragrance and skin care brands, including Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier and Calvin Klein.

His signature is the use of a scent, known as watermelon ketone, that gives his fragrances a light and airy quality.

Sophia Grojsman

With a career in fragrance that spans just over 6 decades, Sophia Grojsman has had a hand in countless fragrances and her name is connected with well known, luxury designer brands from around the world.

From Boucheron and Bulgari to Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt and Yves Saint Laurent, Sophia Grojsman is an industry legend who has worked with both celebrities and fragrance houses to create global sensations and is now vice president of the company she first began making fragrances  - a company that is still creating fragrances today.

Perfumery is a serious business and is worth a lot of money to all those involved. The people featured here are all masters of their craft and are famous for their sensitive sense of smell and their ability to mix flavours and scents that can invoke memories and emotions all at once. Have a sniff, and let those scents take you away.