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Find the Right Fragrance for New Year's Eve

Find the Right Fragrance for New Year's Eve

It’s safe to say that New Year’s Eve isn’t going to be quite the same this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it with your household. Whatever your plans, it’s time to say goodbye to a year none of us expected, and start to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. With that in mind, there’s the perfect fragrance out there to set the mood and match your plans, whatever you end up doing on 31st December.

No matter what tier you’ll be in this Christmas, treat yourself to the perfect fragrance for the upcoming festivities.

Going out for dinner

You just can’t beat food that has been cooked by someone else. If you’re lucky to be an area where restaurants are open, New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to book a table and get dressed up for the evening. 

The perfect perfume for an occasion like this has to be Dior J’Adore. With a fruity floral scent, it’s a golden fragrance that captures the notion of celebration and indulgence. With fruity opening notes of melon, peach and orange, J’Adore has a beautiful floral heart before finishing on a base of musk, vanilla and blackberry.

For men, Valentino Uomo is sure to capture the mood with a sophisticated and refined scent. Representing Italian style effortlessly, Uomo is a smooth, leathery fragrance with exclusive ingredients. With notes of bergamot, hazelnut, coffee and leather, it’s perfect to match a lavish NYE dinner.

Going to see a live show

If your NYE plans involve seeing a live show, albeit with social distancing in place, you should think a little carefully about your choice of fragrance. For the likes of the theatre, or taking the kids to see a pantomime, you might want to opt for a subtler, softer fragrance so as not to overpower those sat nearby.

Cerruti 1881 Pour Femme is the perfect example, embodying freshly cut flowers and linen to create a timeless perfume. Its clean, fresh scent is uplifting without being too strong. With notes of orange blossom, jasmine, freesia and sandalwood, it aims to capture the essence of fresh air.

For him, Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme offers a delicate balance of notes for a fresh, timeless fragrance. With herbs like coriander, sage and tarragon working alongside woody citrus notes, it’s a great choice for smelling great without overdoing it.

Staying overnight at a hotel

If you’ve been savvy enough to book a night away at a lovely hotel, giving yourself the chance to relax in a new destination, be sure to pack a fragrance that is elegant and can last all day as you explore the grounds, enjoy afternoon tea or relax in the spa.

For her, JPG Classique is a bold, oriental-floral fragrance housed in an iconic corset bottle. First released in 1993, it has continued to be firm favourite thanks to its combination of opulent notes. With star anise rose, orchid, plum and vanilla as just some of its notes, JPG Classique will last all day.

For him, Acqua Di Gio by Armani is a scent that captures the essence of freedom, with notes inspired by the Mediterranean. With a blend of citrus and spicy notes on a woody base, Acqua Di Gio is made up of lemon, neroli, jasmine, violet and rosemary for a blend of sweet but sharp notes.


Staying in with a takeaway

Not everyone fancies going out on New Year’s Eve, and sometimes sitting in your own home enjoying a takeaway is the best night ever. Even if you’re staying in, there’s no reason you can’t still make a little effort and make a great night out of it. Think of warming, cosy scents with a hint of spice and get yourself in front of the fire or the TV!

Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto is a perfect choice for women’s fragrance, opening with orchid and vanilla before ending on a base of woody notes. It has just the right amount of depth and strength for cosying up on the sofa.

For men, Moschino’s Toy Boy is created with a spicy, woody scent that captures the essence of a cosy night in. With notes of bergamot, pink berries and nutmeg, Toy Boy opens into a heat of clove, rose and magnolia before finishing on a base of vetiver, amber and cashmere.


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