Fragrance Rules to Live By

Fragrance Rules to Live By

There are so many guides out there on style and fashion, but we often forget about our accessories, including fragrances. To get the most out of your fragrance and to ensure you are following etiquette when it comes to spritzing, there are a few must-know rules to consider. After all, there’s nothing worse than spraying the wrong perfume for the occasion, or overdoing it and risk suffocating those around you! 

Luckily, the rules for smelling great aren’t as complicated as the rules in the fashion world. However, they are still worth paying some attention to.

Know your limit

There is a fine line between spraying enough fragrance to be noticed, and completely overdoing it. In fact, it’s a scientific fact that we can become desensitised to smells, meaning you could end up spraying a little more than necessary. It’s generally recommended that only those who stand arm’s length from you can smell your choice of perfume or aftershave.

It can be useful to keep in mind that two decent sprays should be more than enough, perhaps three at an absolute maximum.

Apply it correctly

Many make the mistake of spraying fragrance too closely to the skin, which can result in a small, concentrated area. Try to remember to spray from about 6 inches away from your skin, and you can cover a slightly bigger area with the same amount of fragrance.

Fragrance can last longer on hydrated skin, so be sure to moisturise, and remember to avoid rubbing the fragrance into your skin. This can cause friction and heat, and could actually change the scent completely.

Spray for the occasion

One of the biggest parts of fragrance etiquette is knowing what fragrances work for different environments.  For example, keeping your fragrance light for work is an essential. Forego intense, bold fragrances and opt for something lighter and fresher instead. After all, offices can be a small place and the last thing you want is people to notice your smell before they notice you. 

You might also want to avoid spraying strong perfume in places such as the cinema or on an airplane, as it could be inconsiderate for those in close proximity to you.

Avoid spritzing your clothes

Spraying perfume or aftershave directly on to your clothing can result in stains or damage. Some scents could leave marks, particularly on white clothes, and they can also damage the fibres of the material. Fragrance also may not last as long on your clothes as it would on your skin.

For the best outcome, stick to spritzing fragrance directly on to your skin.