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Men's Edit: Skin Care & Sun Safety

Men's Edit: Skin Care & Sun Safety

The BBQ is lit, the beach is packed and bikes are fixed up and ready to roll – the summer has arrived and as it’s the least restricted one we’ve experienced in a while, we know you want to get out there and make the most of it.  

One of the most effective ways to make sure you are comfortable all day is through skin care and sun safety. Dry, burned or irritated skin often gets itchy and uncomfortable very quickly, which can be more than enough to ruin a day or occasion. By following simple steps and splashing out on a few little extras, you can save yourself the discomfort on the day, as well as the prospect of further damage or skin disease in the future. 

Skin Care 


  • Have a Daily Moisturising Routine 

Even something as simple as using a single moisturiser all over when you get out of the shower, making sure every bit of skin is well hydrated is really important, whatever the weather is doing. A moisture barrier between your skin and the elements helps to hold off the effects for a little longer. Moisturising can also help relieve the burning pain of dry skin beneath the feet, and aid in reducing foot odour. 


  • Exfoliating Makes All the Difference 

Between washing and moisturising, you should also thoroughly exfoliate your skin. This means using something hard or coarse, such as a pumice or buffer, to gently remove any dead skin that has been detached by washing.  

It’s a relatively quick process, unless you have specifically problematic areas, such as the feet, elbows or hands, but the benefits for skin health and for the feeling once completed make it a job well worth doing. 


  • Don’t Be Afraid to Change 

If you have a routine already, but still find that you have problem areas, like redness, oiliness or flaky patches ask for help! There may be specific products available to help with the issue, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never find out. 

Sun Safety  

Sun safety is particularly important if you are planning to stay out all day, as sun damage can be long lasting, painful or even fatal. Some people believe that sun cream will prevent from tanning at all, but this is not true. Using a good and well-applied sun cream actually increases your chances of getting an even tan without risking getting burned.  


  • Cover Up 

Little accessories like socks, hats and sunglasses can make a massive difference in direct sunlight. Heads, feet and eyelids have thin skin, which is easily irritated and damaged, so simply covering these areas is a great start. A hat may also save you from sunstroke, the effects of which can last for days and be a real joy-killer. 


  • Use Sun Cream with a High SPF Factor 

The SPF factor tells you how much solar energy (UV rays) the cream can safely reflect away from the skin before sunburn occurs. Put simply, the higher the SPF factor, the better protected your skin will be, so a higher SPF factor is always preferable. 


  • Reapply 

Most sun creams last for around 2 hours before they lose their effectiveness, so reapplication every 2 hours is the only way to ensure you stay protected throughout the day. Creams with a lower SPF factor will need to be reapplied more regularly. You should also reapply if you go into water, as even waterproof creams will experience some level of degradation this way. 


  • After Sun 

The effects of the sun can last well after you’ve come inside, so using an after sun treatment or cream is another great way to save yourself the pain of irritated or burnt skin the day after. These are generally applied in the same way as sun creams and work by cooling the skin from the surface down. 


Helpful Products 

Most sun creams work and are applied in the same way – like a moisturiser, into your hand and then onto your skin, or directly onto your skin and then rubbed in.  

There are a few available that the man on the move might find a little easier going, especially in the applying and reapplying area. Spritz sun creams, which are simply sprayed onto any exposed areas, are great for this purpose, as they take minimal time and effort and can be stashed in a bag like any other (don’t forget to keep the lid on). 


Payot – Sunny Brune Lactee – The Fabulous Tan Booster 

This is a lightweight, high-SPF factor mist spray for face & body. Containing UVA & UVB filters, it has SPF 30 and adds a light, golden glow to help your tan along. Easy to apply and with a light and refreshing scent. 

Payot Self Tan Payot Sunny Brume Lactée The Fabulous Tan-Booster Face & Body SPF30 (150ml)


Payot – Sunny Huile De Reve – The Sublimating Tan Effect Body & Hair 

This 2-in-1 spritz is a protective oil suitable for both body and hair. Containing a selection of UVA and UVB filters, it offers sun protection at the same time as it nourishes your skin and hair. Easy to apply, it has a light, fruity scent, and as it has a low SPF will require regular top-ups. 



Payot Skin Care Payot Sunny Huile de Rêve The Sublimating Tan Effect Body & Hair SPF15 (100ml)


Lancaster Sun Beauty – Sublime Tan – Duo Set 

This set of 2 contains a Velvet Milk sun cream and a tan maximiser after sun, to keep you protected all over and right through the day. The Velvet Milk is designed to offer maximum protection as well as helping to provide a long lasting and golden tan.  

The After Sun Tan Maximiser is a cooling, soothing moisturiser designed specifically for the face. This helps reduce the aging effects of the sun and keep your skin soft and smooth.



Lancaster Sun Cream Lancaster Sun Beauty Sublime Tan Velvet Milk 30SPF & Tan Maximizer After Sun (2 x 50ml)


Remembering a few of these steps in advance can save you a world of pain and misery through the days that follow and keep you safe and bronzed while you enjoy the best the summer has to offer. All the products here are available from our website with discounts applied as standard, and always check our offers on the home page to keep up to date and make sure you get the deal we have. 



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