Skin Care Special - Staying Sun Safe

Skin Care Special - Staying Sun Safe

The excitement of the first Summer sun has got us all hyped up and raring to go but heading off too quickly might mean you end up getting burnt – quite literally. This guide has hints, tips and helpful products to help you stay sun safe all summer long. 

Before You Leave 

If you know in advance that you have an outdoor event, there are a few things you can do to prepare before you leave. 

  • Pack the Essentials 

Time to prepare means you can plan an outfit and bag big enough for all the essentials. We recommend taking a high-factor sun cream and lip balm so you can top up your sun protection while you are out. 

  • Dress For the Occasion 

Nobody wants to be dressed like an Eskimo for a summer event but covering up can make a massive difference to how comfortable you are during the event.  

Long, light and loose clothing can protect you from being burnt and all the discomfort that goes with it. Hats are also a great idea, as too much sun to the head can be extremely uncomfortable, and shoes that fully cover your feet will prevent the delicate skin on the top of them getting burnt. 

  • Get Protected 

There are many forms of sun protection available, and time to prepare gives you time to choose the one that is best for the event in question. If there are going to be water activities, for example, then a waterproof sunblock is essential. 

While You Are Out 

If you are out for long periods of time, topping up your sun protection is essential. You should also try to avoid long periods in direct sunlight, and stay hydrated, as dehydration can affect you even out of direct sunlight. 

After Returning Home 

After a long day in the heat, a shower is great way to wash the day away and leave your skin ready for one last round of protection. Applying after sun cream or aloe vera jelly to any areas that have been exposed will ensure the heat is taken out and you don’t burn further overnight. 

Our website has a full range of sun creams and safe tanning products, including the Lancaster Sun Beauty Sublime Tan Duo, which contains a sun cream and an after sun cream. Using products that complement each other means no clashing scents, leaving you fresh and sun safe all day.